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The Miner is one of the three new Legendary Clash Royale Card that graced the May 3 update. With his skill of digging anywhere around the Clash Royale Arena, you can destroy towers and spawners in a snap! Since he's doing the travelling underground, he is immune to the Arrows spell unlike the Goblin Barrel. The Miner is unlockable in P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse.


With the Miner's great digging ability, one of his awesome strength is going straight to a Crown Tower or Spawner without being intercepted by any troop or spell. If the tower's archer is too busy dealing with a tanker, he might be able to topple down a tower from behind! He's great against Spawners though, because they don't have any defense troop like archers to guard them so he is free to whack it down.


The Miner's HP is just 1000 on level 1 and he's not that good if you just send him digging towards a tower alone. The tower's archer might take him down without suffering damage since his damage against towers is 60% lower.

Before you deploy him towards the back or the front of your enemy's crown tower, make sure the tower's archer is pretty busy with a tanker or your other troops attacking nearby.

Popular Miner Decks:

The Sparky + Miner Deck will surely give your enemy some surprising combos!

So you have seen how the Hog Rider and Miner wreck tower easily with a Bomb Tower as a defense, but how about an Inferno Tower, instead?

Miner Deck Strategy:

Since he works just like a Goblin Barrel, use him like you would normally use the Goblin Barrel. Make sure that the tower's archer is busy so that he's unhindered. You distract the archer with a tanker like a Lava Hound, while your Sparky's charging and add your Miner to finish the tower! These Three Legendary Cards if used together can be really deadly. They might even push your enemy to Rage Quit in the middle of the game!

How to Counter the Miner:

Since the Miner has immunity while he is digging, you can counter him once he is already popped out of the ground. You can try using a Freeze spell on him so your tower archer can take him out for you.

This Miner might work fairly good with the Goblin Barrel. He can act like a tanker while your Gobs slice the HP away from your enemy tower.

So far, have you been encountering new cards lately? I already encountered Fire Spirits in the game. Let us know what you think about these new cards on the comment section!


The Miner is one of the sneakiest cards available in the game. With only 3-elixir, he can weaken any buildings in sight. His ability will puzzle your enemy every time making him hard to counter. His HP sits around 1K giving your other troops an ample time to give extra blows to a particular target.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
1.2 sec Fast 1 sec Melee Ground 3 x1 Legendary Troop

Level Hitpoint Damage Damage per second Crown Tower Damage Card Gold Experience
1 1000 160 133 64 4 1,000 50
2 1100 176 146 71 10 2,000 100
3 1210 193 160 78 20 4,000 200
4 1330 212 176 85 50 8,000 400
5 1,460 233 194 94 100 20,000 800

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