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Mega Knight Spell Bait Deck for Challenges and Tournaments
Bait out the opponent's spells and punish them with either your Inferno Dragon, Goblin Barrel, or even with the mighty Mega Knight.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 31, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

This deck is a new and improved Spell Bait with the Mega Knight for defense that follows through a huge counter-push. You have four Zap / Spell bait cards in this deck namely: Inferno Dragon, Bats, Goblin Barrel, and Goblin Gang. If you've faced a deck without any Zap spell but only uses an Electro Wizard, you're in good luck.

The Strength of this deck is its ability to do a continuous chip damage. If you manage to bait out their The Log, the Princess can still hit their tower and deal damage. Your Mega Knight is there to counter and to tank for your Goblin Barrel and other cheap units.

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Mega Knight Spell Bait Deck:

bats.png goblin_barrel.png Goblin_Gang.png inferno-dragon.png
knight.png mega_knight.png princess.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Bats - Flying cheap and chip damage for offense as well as defense. They can also lure the opponent's Zap if they don't have a splash unit.
  • Goblin Barrel - Main chip damager. You can use them initially to bait out the opponent's spell or to check what kind of cards they have.
  • Goblin Gang - Main defense units. You can also use them against aerial troops. Another spell bait.
  • Inferno Dragon - Your unit against tanks such as Golems, Lava Hounds, and other Mega Knight. It can also bait out the Zap for your Goblin Barrel.
  • Knight - If you're not yet ready to bring down your Mega Knight, your regular Knight can suffice in countering and also tanking for your Goblin Barrel.
  • Mega Knight - He is your ultimate counter card. You can either go for a slow push by dropping him at the back of your king tower or make use of his initial splash damage.
  • Princess - She is great with her bow. You can spam her to give your troops AoE support.
  • Zap - Resets Infernos and blasts away swarms.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to bait out the opponent's spells by using your support units. You can then make a huge push by using your Mega Knight either by using him on defense or dropping him at the back of your King Tower. If you can, place the Inferno Dragon behind your Mega Knight and support the push with the Princess. The Goblin Barrel is more like a punishment every time your opponent uses a spell.


AmarTheHulk suggests that you wait for your opponent's first move before starting your push. You can then answer the opponent's push with your support units. If the opponent starts using spells, take note of them. Use the Inferno Dragon against their tanks and once you have enough elixirs, you can then put down your Mega Knight. As stated in the Ideal Strategy, use the Goblin Barrel as punishment.


Put as many Princess as you can. She can either do chip tower damage or protect your pushes. You can also use the Mega Knight's initial AoE damage and then start your own push from there. You also have a mobile Inferno Tower that has the ability to roast and melt down a tower once connected.


AmarTheHulk shared that the weakness of this deck is being too aggressive with the Goblin Barrel. He says, you have to keep track of the opponent's card rotation and see if he already has a counter on hand.


CWA features AmarTheHulk and this brand new spell bait deck with the Mega Knight. This video also includes Amar's mistakes and he also shares on what to do and what not to do.

Final Overview:

This deck's strategy is pretty simple. You bait your opponent's cards with your support, counter tanks with the Inferno Dragon, drop the Mega Knight as soon as you can, and punish the opponent every time he uses a spell by letting your Goblin Barrel fly.

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Last modified: 4, 09, 2017

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