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Get 12 Wins in Magic Archer Draft Challenge!
Be one of the first players to get this high ranged splash legendary card. Here's how to get 12 wins!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on February 15, 2018.
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Two weeks (as of this writing) before the release of this new legendary card, the Magic Archer, players who can best other players in this Clash Royale Draft Challenge can get him in advance. The Magic Archer will be available in Arena 11 and above.

With the Draft Challenge, both players will choose their own four cards and give the other four to their opponent. The card choices are completely random.

If you still don't know the Magic Archer's gameplay, check out the unofficial gameplay that we found on YouTube.

Best Tips to Win Magic Archer Challenge:

Magic Archer Gameplay:

If you can see from the video above, his range is long but the tower archer can still reach him. He can also pierce through a Giant damaging troops behind him. His damage is around average but he shoots pretty fast.

Magic Archer Facts:

Choosing the best cards:

Because the Magic Archer can shoot through his opponents, the best card to have in your deck is the Tornado. Use the Tornado to put them in a clump and if you're lucky, you might even hit the Crown Tower for chip damage.

Another good card to have is the Fireball. This 4 elixir spell is it's main counter for an equal elixir trade. Even though you already have the Magic Archer, try to still have the Fireball so your opponent doesn't have anything against him. (Fireball or any high power spell may do.)

Get a single target unit. It may be a Knight or a Mini P.E.K.K.A. You'll never know the other half of your opponent's deck.

Don't forget your win condition!

Last but not the least is of course, the Magic Archer himself. Your opponents might still not know how to counter him, choosing him is your best bet.

Magic Archer Weakness:

Think of him like a weak Electro Wizard. At tournament standard, his HP is at 490 versus the E-Wiz's 590. A tournament level Fireball can knock him out with its 572 area damage.


Aside from getting the newest legendary card in the game after getting 12 wins before 3 losses, you will also get cards and gold.

  • 2 Wins → x1000 Gold
  • 4 Wins → x20 Rares
  • 6 Wins → x3000 Gold
  • 8 Wins → x5 Epics
  • 10 Wins → x10000 Gold
  • 12 Wins → x1 Magic Archer

Aside from getting the Magic Archer, you will also get 11000 Gold and 550 cards. Re-entry for these kind of challenges is usually at 100 Gems.

Final Overview:

The Magic Archer is a great support card in a deck. I see him in Giant, Lava Hound, and Golem beatdowns even in Hog Rider decks his range can also help out. Since the first entry is free and re-entry may cost 100 Gems, try to play the challenge in the first 1 - 2 hours. If you feel like you still can't get 12 wins before 3 losses, rest a bit and try again. Watch YouTube videos and play during the last day.

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Last modified: 19, 02, 2018

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