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MK, Bandit, and Friends Deck for Arena 11

Play defensively to get an elixir advantage and go for the push!
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Deck Overview & Proof of Working

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UserDeck Breakdown:

  • Deck Name: MK, Bandit, and Friends
  • Working in: Arena 11
  • Submitted by: Killercando
  • Clan Name: Iron Clash

Proof of Working

With this deck i have steadily pushed from jungle arena to near 4000 trophys

Clash Royale Cards

MK, Bandit, and Friends by Killercando. Submit your User Decks here!
  • Mega Knight Decks - The Mega Knight is your big tank in this deck. He is verry versatile. You can place him to disrupt a supported tank push by dropping him on the support. He is of course a good tank on your own Pushes dealing splash damage and having a jump ability. He can counter hogs by placing him between the hog and the tower only giving the hog one hit and soaking up predictive spells.
  • Bandit Decks - The bandit is another versatile card. She has the dash ability which makese her good as a mini tank. She is effective if paired with a prediction spell and can easily smash a tower to half health if she gets to it uninteruupted. She can counter lone Musketeers and Wizards if played by your tower so she dashes and will then move onto the opponents tower.
  • Electro Wizard Decks - The Electro Wizard is good as backup for your MK as he cancels out inferno damage and hits up to two units such as flyers. He is effective if dropped on Goblins or Minions as a last resort. Take advantage of his entry zap when possible.
  • Musketeer Decks - Musketeer is a support and anti air unit in this deck. She is nice if played behind the kings tower as the start of a push or in center field to distract your opponents units.
  • Skeleton Army Decks - The horde is your best and most vulnerable distraction. Never place it the same way or your opponent will be able to predict the location and dont always use it if you have other options. It can also act as a screne to protect your support against your opponents units once your tank is on the tower.
  • Spear Goblins Decks - The Gobs are great for chipping or as a distraction. They can support your defenxe and help with flyers. They also offer cheap support behind MK
  • The Log Decks - The log is effective if placed predictively with the bandit in a sudden push if they use a swarm. It is also at times needed to chip a tower. For a win
  • Arrows Decks - Arrows are your other spell. If the opponent has minions you may want to save this spell for them and use the log more often. It may also be needed as chip damage.

Deck Strategy:


  • Try and get elixer advantage by being defensive then counter push if you got it.
  • MK can ve placed on defence such as on a tanks support to wipe them out then by the time the push is broken you should have elixer for your own push.
  • If you need to chip but dont chip with spells if you arent also hitting something else unless you need to chip for the last second win.


  • Mk is good if you drop him on clumps.
  • Make your opponents troops do legwork with strategic troop placement.
  • Always varrie what you do so you dont fall into a pattern they can learn then counter.

Additional Tips:

  • Early game. If your opponent plays first start in that lane. Early moves can include a Musketeer in the back of the king tower to be built into a push usuallu with MK tanking. A bandit and predictive spell combo if you'r up for a high risk high reward play. Or spear gobs up front for a lil chip
  • Mid game. If you have taken a tower without any losses you can sit back and go defencive or try to shift attention to the opponents ither tower and try to take that. If you have fallen behind or cant make headway you may want to keep chiping and go for a late push if possible. However if your opponent has big tanks dont rely on a late push asa certainty.
  • Double elixer. During double elixer if you are ahead and at an advantage go ham. Keep them off balance and unable to effectively counter but be ready to slow down and grind them if they start to recover. If you are behind or still deadlocked then push if you are able or just keep chiping like mad. Remember that if they have big things hour best bet might be chip.

This Deck is Good Against:

This deck fairly good against lots of decks but it generally is best against people who clum up weaker troops, support pasdive tanks with squishy support, and some chip decks to nane a few specifics.

This Deck is Bad Against:

→ This deck has a few problems that you must keep in mind. First, it has no building targeting troops such as hog. Your troops can and will be distracted by anything. To get around this you will want to chip where appropriate and counter push to lessen your opponents ability to distract your troops. Take full advantage of your cards abilities such as enter the battlefield effects and jumps and dashes.

→ Your next problem will be other tanks. This deck has no dedicated tank killers such as inferno so you will want to use swarms if possible and lure as much as feasable but beware of spells. If the tank has support drop the MK on them when they cross the bridge if possible, Skelle Horde and support may also be decent. → The last significant threat you will face is enemy anti tanks. These troops such as Inferno Dragons / towers, Skeleton Hordes, and also other tanks such as Peekas who will deal huge damage or Golems who will distract your push. To deal with these troops most effectively you should distract them and counter push when they are dead."

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