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Lumber Miner Horde Deck for Arena 8 and Above
Not a swarm deck but once you get your Minion Horde together with the LumberJack and Miner, it can crush a tower in seconds.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on August 8, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

The Miner can go straight towards the Crown Tower without being distracted by Inferno Towers. He can deal quite a good chip damage too. This deck adds the LumberJack and the Minion Horde for a crazy damage upgrade.

The strength of this deck relies on the Miner's ability to go straight to the tower and then followed by the Minion Horde. Usually, a Zap not really finishes off the Horde and it still has a sliver of health to bring down the tower. Adding the LumberJack's Rage spell, it can shred through anything unless faced with Arrows or other spells.

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Lumber Miner Horde Deck:

  • Note: This deck has a Dart Goblin, which is unlockable from the Jungle Arena. Which means you use this deck if you somehow got demoted from Arena 9 down to Arena 8.
Baby Dragon Barbarians Dart Goblin Fireball
baby_dragon.png barbarians.png Dart_Goblin.png fireball.png
LumberJack Miner Minion Horde Zap
LumberJack.png miner.png minion_horde.png zap.png

Card Roles:

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to have this formula LumberJack in front followed by the Miner and then the Minion Horde. Counter any invaders with your Barbarians and then support your push with Fireball. If the opponent happens to have Arrows, you can still continue with the push with the Dart Goblin to bait it out together with the [[Barbarians]. This kind of strategy will still have the Miner or LumberJack tanking for everybody.


Your cards are counter units. Wait for your opponent to make the first push and then counter with your Barbarians + Baby Dragon. If you managed to pull it off, you can then have the Miner directly at the tower. You can also use the Minion Horde instead of the Barbarians. Rinse and repeat.


Defense is fairly easy when using this deck. You have your Barbarians and Minion Horde. You can also use your LumberJack to counter too. If he drops the Rage spell prematurely, you can still save your counter-push by using your Miner.


This deck's weakness are spells and splash damagers. If you're facing a Wizard or Executioner you can use the Fireball to stop them from their tracks. You can also answer their splashers with your LumberJack with the Dart Goblin firing from a range.


This deck has Arena 8 cards but Royale Rusher used this deck in Arena 10 - Hog Mountain and still crushing it.

Final Overview:

If you managed to bait out the opponent's spells or stop a massive push, your opponent will be out of elixirs and you're free to shut down his/her towers. The combination of the LumberJack + Miner and the Minion Horde or Barbarians are really in synergy. Remember, this is a counter deck. Don't go rushing to your opponent's base as you don't have a heavy tanker.

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Last modified: 9, 08, 2017

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