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LumberJack Overview:

This LumberJack is one of two Legendary cards that will be out today, July 4. Once he dies, he will take a swig of the Rage spell he carries.

You can get a LumberJack in one of the chests found in the new Frozen Peak Arena 8.

LumberJack Strengths:

Aside from the LumberJack being a Legendary card, he carries around a Rage spell that he drops when he dies. This will give a 40% boost to nearby troops around him. He can also swing an axe that do single target damage.


Since he is a single-target troop, a group of Goblins and Skeletons can bring him down but mind the Rage spell he drops. You might want to get rid of him away from your opponent's units to not get influenced by it.

How to Counter the LumberJack:

Countering it is fairly easy, use Goblins. Better yet, aerial troops such as Minions or Minion Horde can get rid of him safely without being damaged by him.

Clash Royale LumberJack Strategy Suggestions:

You can use 2 mid-HP tankers - like the Knight and the LumberJack in unison. He probably has to die first in order for you to activate his skill of putting Rage within a radius. If he dies first, your support troops can get all the benefits that the Rage Spell can give.


Here's a video of the LumberJack together with The Log in action by Chief Pat on Youtube.

Other Card Profile:

TheLog.png The Log
This is the other legendary card that will be available on the July 4th update. This is the first legendary spell card in the game that only costs 2 elixirs!


With just 4 elixir cost, the LumberJack is so much cheaper than the Rage spell. You will also have a troop at the same time! Having this legendary card in the game might mean a new meta is coming in the new Arena - Frozen Peak.

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