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Lightning Hog-Nado Night Witch For Arena 8 Above

An extra unit in one of the most famous Hog Deck is coming to town. Make use of that many legendaries in one epic set of cards.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 1, 2017.
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The Night Witch is getting a bright spot in the limelight after its official launch this week. Here's a strong deck you can count on challenges or ladder rankings.


This set of cards is strong against Hog Cycle, Spawner, Night Witch Mirror Decks and more.

Lightning Hog-Nado Night Witch Deck:

Night Witch Hog Rider Ice Wizard Princess
night_witch.png hog_rider.png ice_wizard.png princess.png
Skeletons Tornado The Log Lightning
skeletons.png tornado.png TheLog.png lightning.png

Card Roles:

  • Night Witch - The Night Witch is playable and handy on both offensive and defensive plays. Her Bats and DPS are really strong, making it viable in any situations.
  • Hog Rider - Your main tower wrecker. Support this unit with the right cards along to successfully reach his target.
  • Ice Wizard - Will act as your support during defense. The Ice Wizard can also turn into a strong counter-push unit with any possible troops in this deck.
  • Princess - The Princess will be in charge of killing swarms, ground, and air troops. She can also take down unattended towers, especially, if left ignored.
  • Skeletons - Skeletons will be the card you need to cycle further. It can also be a cheap supporting unit to the Hog Rider. At times, you can deploy this unit to kite incoming troops away to your towers.
  • Tornado - This spell is mainly used for defensive purposes. Drag threats in a single spot and let your towers and supporting units take them all down.
  • The Log - This spell is best if your Princess cannot take down ground swarmers . Log threats and/or counters to wipe or delay them in reaching or killing their main targets.
  • Lightning - The Lightning is a good spell in taking down some of the biggest threats in the game. Cast this spell to kill or weaken the Three Musketeers, A horde of splashers and even the enemy's towers. This card is also a positive elixir trade when demolishing Elixir Collectors.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The best ideal strategy for this deck is to push a tower early with the Hog Rider. Make a strong defense by choosing the right cards on your hands. Once you took down a tower, maintaining pressure will be easy.


The cheap yet effective attack is the Hog Rider Skeletons combo. Prepare the Log to take down cheap counters. You can also let the Princess support from behind, as well.

Other effective strategies are with the Night Witch. A Hog Rider with Night Witch is pretty strong along with the Ice Wizard. In some circumstances, a Hog Rider Lightning is also viable especially during the last minute of the battle.


If playing against Hog Rider users, use the Tornado to drag them to your King Tower. Let them activate it for you to have added defense. If not available, you can use the Ice Wizard and/or the Skeletons to quickly kill it.

Defeating bulky units like the Golem and the PEKKA might be challenging. Team up the Ice Wizard with the Night Witch to slow and eliminate them. The Bats will drain the HP of these units swiftly. To avoid direct attacks early, distract them with the Skeletons. If the opposing player drops more support units, use the Tornado to pull them in a single spot. From there, you can Log or let the Princess weaken them.

Also, the Night Witch's bats are effective in taking down a Lava Hound. Make sure to support it either with the Princess or the Ice Wizard. While the Lightning might be expensive, it will help you take down threats like the Three Musketeers or a strong squad of incoming troops. Use it wisely.

Additional Tip:

The Night Witch, Princess, and the Wizard are your best counters in this deck. After a good defensive play, turn these legendaries into strong supports for counter pushes. Do not forget to let the Hog Rider play as the tanker to extend these troops' use.


The deck might be in trouble to Executioner, Tornado or other Splasher Decks in the game.



Special thanks to Clash With Ash and Pong for this deck!


The deck is very strong in defense. This makes it handy for making effective counter pushes afterwards. Cycling the cards is also attainable as long as you use them wisely in every situation.

In my opinion, the Night Witch will receive a nerf in the upcoming updates. Why? Well, you see her rolling everywhere in the Challenges and now, in the Ladder, as well.

Good luck!

Last modified: 3, 06, 2017

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