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The Lava Hound takes tanking to a whole new level, literally on a higher level.


There are several new cards coming in on the update. One of them is a Legendary card, the Lava Hound. The Lava Hound is found in (Arena 4) P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse. Like the Balloon, Hog Rider and Giant, The Lava Hound only attacks buildings. However, it is also capable of splitting into smaller units, a.k.a. Lava Pups, that attack anything. The Lava Hound is very popular in Clash Royale Arena 5


The Lava Hound is an air-tank with high HP. It is effectively used for tanking smaller troops' attacks like the Minions. And since it is an air troop, it can get to the tower faster than ground tanks.

When it is destroyed, it splits into 6 small lava pups that attack any troops.


Since this costs 7 elixir, the Lava Hound encourages elixir disadvantage. It may cause you disorientation when enemies start deploying consecutive cards. The Lava Hound doesn't attack any troops until it splits into lava pups, so it is vulnerable when in that state.

Popular Lava Hound Decks:

2016-05-06-05-53-16-lavalooon.jpg Lavaloon Deck - Arena 7 and 8
The most-loved air combo from Clash of Clans is now possible in Clash Royale! Have you tried using the Lava Hound? Here is a great deck introduced by a clasher and the result is fantastic!
2016-05-11-04-14-06-effecthound.jpg F2P Lava Hound Deck for Pushing From Arena 4 to 7
Some might say that the Lava Hound is not a fine Legendary Card, but this F2P wants to break those rumors! Do you believe he pushed his trophies way up to the Legendary Arena using the Hound? Here's an effective deck you can start using at Arena 4!

How to Counter Lava Hound:

2016-05-20-11-13-41-counterlava.jpg How To Counter The Lava Hound
Lava Hounds are vulnerable in its original state since it won't attack any troops. You can take advantage of that by bringing in Minion Hordes or High HP air troops. But know that it splits into 4 lava pups. Lava pups attacks anything, like the minions. And also like the Minions, they have low HP so they can be taken out by Arrows.


Lava Hound is featured in this new video, you may get to know it more.


All in all, the Lava Hound is a pretty tough card. It has high health which makes it more suitable as a tank. Since it's an air troop, fewer troops can go against it. And when it's destroyed, it splits into 6 little lava pups which are much like minions. To think of it, its 7-elixir-cost is justified with what it can do.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Targets Cost Count Rarity Type
1.3 sec Slow 1 sec 2 Building 7 x1 Legendary Troop
Lava Pup Hit Speed Lava Pup Speed Lava Pup Target Lava Pup Count
1 sec Medium Air and Ground x6
Level Lava Hound HP Lava Hound Damage Lava Hound Damage per second Lava Pup HP Lava Pup Damage Lava Pup Damage Per Second Card Gold Experience
1 2900 35 26 165 45 45 4 1,000 50
2 3190 38 29 181 49 49 10 2,000 100
3 3509 42 32 199 54 54 20 4,000 200
4 3857 46 35 219 59 59 50 8,000 400
5 4234 51 39 240 65 65 100 20,000 800

Last modified: 26,06,2018

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