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Lava-Loon Lightning Deck for Arena 11
The Lava-Loon is not dead and it is still kicking in the game. Resurrect this combo in the Legendary Arena!'
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 25, 2017.
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Overview and Strength:

The Lava-Loon came and went in the game but experts and pro players are still sticking to this effective beatdown strategy. Clash with Ash featured Oktay, one of the top players in Clash Royale and is still a Lava-Loon user.

The strength of this deck is the tankiness the Lava Hound can give to your Balloon. Sometimes, if you feel like your opponent is over committing to your Lava Hound you can even send your Balloon naked to catch them off guard.

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Lava-Loon Lightning Deck:

Arrows Balloon Goblin Gang Lava Hound
arrows.png balloon.png Goblin_Gang.png lava_hound.png
Lightning Mega Minion Minions Tombstone
lightning.png mega-minion.png minions.png tombstone.png

Card Roles:

  • Arrows - The usual counter for your deck is either the Minions or the Minion Horde. You'll have the right answer with the Arrows.
  • Balloon - A high level Balloon can deal a great amount of damage to a crown tower and even a King tower.
  • Goblin Gang - For just 3 elixirs, you can counter both air and ground. They are your defense units.
  • Lava Hound - Main tanker. It flies slow because it's packing a lot of HP and Lava Pups. It will shield your push from harm.
  • Lightning - This spell can get rid of a trio of counters for your Lava-Loon push.
  • Mega Minion - Chunkier that your regular Minions but slower. It can get the job done though.
  • Minions - Faster than your Mega Minion. Use them for defense or support.
  • Tombstone - Lures units in the middle of your base perfect for your Goblin Gang, Mega Minion or Minons.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The Ideal Strategy of this deck is to have your Lava Hound tanking for your Balloon. Your Lightning spell is there for any usual counters like the Wizard, Executioner, Electro Wizard etc. The Arrows are also there against the usual Minions or Minion Horde.


Since you're packing quite a heavy deck, plant the Tombstone right away for any ambush push. Place it in the middle of your base. The Lava Hound should start at the farthest corner of the arena. It is recommended though, based on Oktay to wait for your opponent to push before dropping anything. It's a 4.1 average elixir deck and you don't want to commit at the start and losing against counters your opponent has.

As we've discussed in the overview, you can also do a split Lava-Loon push. If you feel like the opponent is already focused on countering your Lava Hound with ranged units, it's the time to deploy the Balloon together with the Mega Minion or Minions to the other lane.


Your main defense here is you Tombstone together with your Goblin Gang. Lure them with the Tombstone as it also releases Skeletons. The Goblin Gang together with your Minions or Mega Minion will do the rest.


The weakness of this deck is the Night Witch. Oktay shares that whenever he faces a Golem + Night Witch, he then switches the push to the other lane as the Night Witch and her Bats can deal a good amount of damage to his push.

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Clash with Ash interviews the person behind Oktay and got a few tips in using a beatdown deck.


There is no doubt that the Lava-Loon push is pretty powerful. One expert Clash Royale player sticks with it and can still top the leaderboard aside from this crazy meta. If you just know how to counter effectively and the placement of your defense units, this Lava Hound and Balloon combo can also propel you to the higher arenas.

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Last modified: 11, 09, 2017

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