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Knight Princess Bait Cycle For Arena 11

Make this classic cycle deck reign once you reach the newest arena in the game today!
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Overview and Strength:

Eliminate your enemy by surprising them with the cards you brought! This deck might not be deadly when you look at, but it can do wonders once they form a deadly squad.

Here's Ousados Clash's Knight Princess Bait Cycle Deck for Arena 11.

The strength of this deck relies on the combo you can mix from its frontliner - the Knight. Wrecking slow-push decks, Hog Rider decks and other cycle bait decks are easy. This 3.5 Average Elixir Deck can finish off an enemy who will ignore your chip-ins early in the game. Cycling is quite easy due to the cheap cards you can use. Making a useful and strong counter-push is also attainable.

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Knight Princess Bait Deck:

Princess Knight Goblin Barrel Goblin Gang
princess.png knight.png goblin_barrel.png Goblin_Gang.png
Skeleton Army Zap Rocket Inferno Tower
skeleton_army.png zap.png rocket.png inferno_tower.png

Card Roles:

  • Princess: The Princess will be in charge of annihilating horde of units like the Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, etc. She can also serve as your team's support in wrecking down a tower.
  • Knight: This unit will likely be the tanker of this deck. Use him as a bait as you wait for the right timing to deploy your other units. Cycle him quick by making an annoying cast of cards. This will likely force the enemy to exhaust their elixir overtime.
  • Goblin Barrel: Use this card to chip-in great damage mainly to your enemy's towers. Trick your enemy in dropping this card in different positions. Through this, they will be conscious on where and when they will counter these Goblins with their spells or units.
  • Goblin Gang: The Goblin Gang's job in this deck is either support or counter units. Leveling them up is recommended. This is to avoid being killed by a single Zap. They can also serve as distractions especially to the Elite Barbarians, Giant and the like.
  • Skeleton Army: Same with the Goblin Gang, but needs wise timing if you want to use it further. Use them if you know that the enemy used their spells already. This increases the chance for the Skarmies to help your other units rolling.
  • Zap: Drop this quick against horde of low HP troops (e.g Skeleton Army, Goblins, etc). You can also use this to reset a charged Sparky or lessen a range unit's attack to your tower.
  • Rocket: Use this spell in taking down a tower. If times are tough, you can also cast this to a perfectly shaped team who are pushing towards your lair. Can also wreck Elixir Collectors for an equal elixir trade.

Clash Royale Strategy:

First, wait until your elixir reaches 10 before making a move. With this deck, you can either make a slow yet surprising attack by deploying the Knight. You can also wait for your enemy's move first, and counter it depending on your cards.

Drop the Knight behind your King Tower. Prepare for your enemy's answer. If they tend to wait for your combo, keep your cool and wait for the right moment to deploy your troops.

If your enemy plants a tower, prepare your Goblin Barrel to chip-in damage against your targeted tower. Let the enemy's tower target the Knight. Before your main tank reaches the river, throw the Barrel quick. Your enemy will likely counter the Knight in this situation. Make sure to drop the Goblin Barrel in front or at the back of their crown tower. Always think that they might cast a Zap spell to kill it quick. If they cast the Arrows or Fireball, then you will have time to adjust in your next drops. As you wait for your elixir to pump up, prepare either the Inferno Tower or other troops for an incoming attack. Let them make the next move in this part of the game.

Once they cast a deadly combo, e.g. Hog Rider with Minion Horde or Giant with Witch, lure their main tower destroyer to the Inferno Tower's position. Place the Princess behind your King's Tower, if possible, to avoid an incoming Log. Also, you must try to aim to kill the supporting units first by your other troops. If the Princess cannot make it, use the Goblin Gang or the Skarmy. Make a counter push afterward.

If your Princess is still alive, you can make a Knight with a Goblin Barrel combo with her. Drop the Knight in front of the Princess. Before the Knight finally crosses the river, deploy the Goblin Barrel. Your targeted tower and the opponent's possible defensive tower will focus on killing your Knight. This will free your Goblins from the barrel in providing damage against the enemy.

The Princess will help in defeating counters effectively. Hold your Zap Spell and cast it if needed. Given that you collected enough elixirs later on, you can cast a Rocket if the enemy is planning a slow push. For a positive elixir trade, target mobs who are near the crown tower.

Prepare for defense, create a counter-push out of it, repeat the steps above.

In the final minute of the game, you can either go to an all out defensive play. This is applicable if you know your Goblin Barrel or Rocket will grab the crown in a single blow. If times are tough, you can knock down the enemy's tower in the last minute. You just need to maintain the pressure to distract them in making massive pushes later on.


The obvious challenge for this deck is battling against decks with a lot of spells. Countering your low HP units are quite easy and will give you a difficult time to create a firm combo. If ever you experience this, try to just counter their moves.

It is either you go for a draw or try to make an all out attack in the last minute of the game. Test the waters depending on your enemy's gameplay.

This set of cards also might have difficulties in fighting air decks such as Lava Hound Balloon decks and the like.

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Special thanks to Ousados Clash for this featured deck!


This featured deck is best for players who know how to play around with cycle decks. Knight Princess Bait Cycle Deck might be considered as a risky one for you might have trouble if not played well.

Well, it takes a bunch of practice if you really want to play this deck further. Once you get the right rhythm of your cards, countering the enemy will be easier. Read and be keen, Chief!

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Last modified: 12, 09, 2017

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