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Ultimate Knight Guide Clash Royale 2017

Here is your guide to one of the greatest common cards in Clash Royale, the Knight.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on July 10,2017.
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One of the most useful cards in the arena since the beginning is the Knight. Though in the past, he was considered as an underrated and only useful in early arenas, experienced clashers proved that it can synergize with almost every deck. From lower arenas, up to the Legendary and Tournaments. From non-meta to current popular set of cards in the game.

In this featured article, we will be focusing on its sole power and abilities. As early in this part, we would like to thank SamKouteili/Samsung (with 5000+ trophies) a Reddit user who shared this awesome guide/strategy. We tweaked some information but the content is mainly from him. Clash on!

Basic Information : Knight

Card Level Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6 Lvl 7 Lvl 8 Lvl 9 (Tourney Level) Lvl 10 Lvl 11 Lvl 12 Lvl 13
HP 660 726 798 877 963 1056 1161 1273 1399 1537 1689 1854 2039
Damage 75 82 90 99 109 120 132 144 159 174 192 210 231
DPS 68 74 81 90 99 109 120 130 144 158 174 190 210

Basic Info & Usage:

The Knight is one of the first units you will acquire in Clash Royale. Unlike most of the cards in the game, he is an original character introduced in the arena. Mostly, the origins of the cards are based on Supercell's hit strategy game, Clash of Clans.

He is a 3-elixir card, that exclusively focuses on ground targets and hit them individually. In most situations, especially if high-leveled, the Knight cannot be killed by a single Spell. It can even survive blasts from a Rocket or Lightning Spell. The Knight is also a troop where he can drastically damage a tower if left unattended.

He is a viable pick especially in countering range units/splashers such as the Wizard, Executioner and the Musketeer. It can also tone down or slightly hold high DPS attackers such as the Elite Barbarians and the Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Though he can easily be countered by these mentioned troops during offensive plays, teaming him up with some other cards will make him extra useful. The Knight can serve as the main tank of distinct decks (e.g Graveyard Decks) but does not mean that users will never have a hard time making its existence beneficial.

Role & Interactions:

In almost all decks where the Knight exists, his main duty is for defensive purposes. Meaning, he is widely used as an effective counter unit against ground. For aerial units, the Knight can serve as a decoy to distract these type of troops. His semi-bulky HP will help your Crown Tower and other units wipe them out. For only 3-elixirs, you can have a very good interruption in most situations. During ground countermeasures, the Knight can help you buy extra time to cycle or distract incoming units more. His smashes also deal a good amount of damage in certain units, especially, to units above 3-elixirs.

The Knight can be somehow compared to the Ice Golem or Valkyrie. In his stand, he is currently in the middle part of these two units. Aside from HP and elixir cost difference, the Knight is a single-target (in compare to Valkyrie) unit and hits everything on the ground (in compare to Tower/Building attacker, Ice Golem). This card is also dubbed as the panic card, where players can put it as an emergency unit without using too much elixir. He can deal or somehow hold big threats such as the Prince or even the PEKKA. The Knight can play a vital role in winning buzzer beater games for he can hold a good amount of damage in a few seconds. A good unit to divert the attention of a bunch of incoming troops.

The Knight, in most decks today, is heavily mixed with cheap yet deadly cards, also known as the Bait or Bait Cycle Decks. Due to its elixir count, cycling it is nearly a piece of cake. Though he cannot land a hit on their initial target, he will primarily soak most of the damage letting other units (e.g Miner, Graveyard or Goblin Barrel) do the work.

He is also one of the greatest and cheapest answers in dealing with chunky units like the Giant Skeleton or even the semi-tank Valkyrie. His DPS is just right to eliminate these but all depends on the battle situation. While dealing with the Giants (Royal Giant and the Giant) might also be possible, but needs air or spell support altogether.

Ideal/Recommended Combos:

  • Knight and Goblin Barrel - Just like the Knight Graveyard mashup, these cheap yet strong attack can severely devastate a tower. If your first attempt is not successful, learn the cycle and elixir count of your enemy. This will help you a lot to make a successful combo in the next waves. If possible, force them to use their counters early to increase the chance of making this attack profitable.
  • Knight and Xbow/Mortar - An increasing number of Xbow/Mortar users consider the Knight as a great defensive unit. If the enemy is out of the cycle, the Knight can purely support the Xbow or Mortar. Of course, along with some other cheap cards like the Ice Spirits and/or the Skeletons.
  • Knight and the Three Musketeers - One of the most popular decks, from then to now, is this synergy. Splitting the Three Musketeers and pairing the lone Musket with the Knight on the other lane makes the push extra strong. Do not forget your spells or other pressure cards such as the Battle Ram to add spice in this mashup.
  • Knight and Electro Wizard/Archers - These combos are absolutely deadly. Leaving them alone is not a good option during battles.
  • Knight and Bats/Goblins/Ice Spirit/Skeleton - These cheap cards are best with the Knight during defense. Though it can also be used in offensive strategies, we recommend players to make this play mainly for defensive purposes. Note that you will need to drop the cards one-by-one or if possible, in different positions. This is for your troops to avoid instant death in a flick. This usually happens while beating tanks with Splashers or Spell Supports.


There will be a lot of cards to counter the Knight. But it all depends on how the players use his ability. He can be killed in an instant by the Skeleton Army or range troopers. Air attackers will tone him down real quick if left ignored. He can easily be distracted by buildings or lured by cheap cards such as the Skeletons or the Goblins.

These are all possible but can be prevented. All you need is to pair or support it with the right cards to maintain pressure against the enemy. It is essential to bring Spells (1 or 2 may do) depending on your gameplay. Supporting him with Splashers is also a good strategy to take down counters everywhere.


The Knight is undeniably one of the most viable cards in the arena today. With only 3-elixir card, finding a deck where he will fit is relatively easy. It all depends on the player's perspective and style of gameplay.

He can wreck, defend and bewilder enemies if deployed on time. Definitely, a 3-elixir monster troop that is usable in all arenas in the game.

Special thanks to SamKouteili/SamSung for this featured article! To view the original post, you can check it HERE.

Last modified: 11, 07, 2017

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