Do not mind the pink stuff toys at the background. This room used to be my sister's. :D


Hey! Welcome to my home page! If you manage to reach this page, I assume you want to know more about me. Well, let's do this!

Personal Life:

Where should I start? Well, I was born on March 28, 1996, and my whole name is Karl Christopher Cristobal. KarlSanada is obviously a pen name. I got the Sanada from Yukimura Sanada when I was playing Samurai Warriors before.

I am currently studying BS Computer Science and will be graduating in 2017, hopefully. My long time dream is to become big on YouTube or Gaming Industry, in general. Although, I do love programming and I love creating apps. I also love writing blogs and reviews, which I will expand more on my gaming life.

I am a sort of an introvert person. I want to keep my circle of close friends small, but I am still an approachable person. I just do not like being around too many people gathering in one place. (Gaming Convention is an exception though)

One of my hobbies is reading tech reviews about PC and stuff since I love reading numbers and benchmarks of those. I built my first gaming PC back in 2011, and it is still running today, but I did upgrade most parts. It is fun reading the news about upcoming graphics card and other PC components.

Gaming Life:


I started playing games when I was 3 years old since my uncle has a PlayStation which he gave me once PlayStation 2 was announced. It was really fun to play, and I had lots of memories of it. I also had Gameboy color back when I was 5, and it was an amazing handheld console. I love playing the first and second generation of Pokemon. My last console was the PlayStation 2 before I became a PC gamer. Again, I had lots of fun with it, especially Dragonball Budokai Tenkaichi series. Eventually, I stick more with handheld console like PSP, Nintendo DS, and currently, the Nintendo 3DS. My favorite series right now is Fire Emblem, and I am planning to play the classics once they become available in eshop.

As a PC Gamer, I played a lot of games with it. NBA 2K series is always the one taking up most of my time. I am happy that it is becoming more of a gaming platform since most developers and publishers are now keen on publishing their games into the PC platform, especially Japanese RPGs.

I also like playing Clash Royale. Although, currently I do not get myself addicted to it since it takes a lot of my time. It is a fun time-waster, but it can also be frustrating at times.

Professional Life:

I have been a freelancer ever since 2013. Most of the jobs I got are writing gaming articles, which I am really happy about it. I really want to be a gaming journalist, and the jobs I got really help me improve my writing. Currently, I am writing gaming articles and Clash Royale articles for Clash Royalepedia and Mediacraft.

I also have a YouTube channel which is named Karlsanada13. I showcase indie games, I also review games, and talk about some news in the gaming industry. I also like writing about top 5 things in video games. Lastly, I give away games that I already own and have an extra key in my library. It is fun supporting the developers this way.

This is one of my popular videos in my channel.