Itchy Monkey:

Welcome to my page! Thank you for noticing that last bit of information at the end. Dare to know more about me?

Video Games:

I've been playing video games for two decades now (guess my age!). And I got the taste of the Atari, FamiCom, Sega Saturn and the most memorable console: PS One. Currently, I am focused on PC gaming aside from the ever accessible mobile games.

Somewhat Personal:

Aside from video gaming, I do have a life outside my room. I do Skimboarding where you skim with a board on top of a surf ashore. We do it if the waves are too low to surf and whenever it's low tide.

I am also a sneaker head. I currently have about 15 pairs of shoes and I mostly eye on AirMax 1 and Jordans. I always have clean wipes inside my pocket, just in case there is some dirt or some sort on my shoe whenever I'm out.

I play musical instruments such as guitar, drums, organ and bass. I can sing a little too!

I draw murals on walls, paint shoes and just draw something on my draw pad. The funny part is I can not paint my girlfriend's nails! I think you need a to learn a specific brush stroke on that.

Professional Life:

I've been working as a Customer Service Representative, grave yard shift, for a very long time. The pay is good but trust me, it will drain the life out of you. Since I love playing video games and I should find I job that I will enjoy.

I found a post about a walkthrough writer in a website based in UK but unfortunately a massive storm hit our area and the electricity and communications are down for about two months.

Thinking that I lost a good job, I went back and applied as a Collections Agent in a big credit card company based in the US and yes, it did made my life go black and I promised myself that I will never go back (see the pun? :D).

Currently I am employed here at clashroyalepedia.com and RockU Mediacraft and I am loving my job! Who else can not? I'm playing and I'm writing stuff about video games. This will be the life I'll choose!

Choose a job you LOVE, and you will never have to work a day in your life - Confucious

Contact Me:

You can follow and DM me on Twitter: @ItchyMonkey_.