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Here's what you need to know about the new update for Clash Royale, along with our insights.


In an attempt to balance everything and make all cards usable at every Clash Royale arena, Supercell announces the balance changes that will happen on the 08/24 update. Some of them are pretty huge, so keep reading.

Royal Giant: Hit Speed decreased to 1.7sec (from 1.5sec)


We like that the Royal Giant is a strong and relatively easy to use offensive option. However, he’s too strong right now - this change will allow him to stay relevant, but make him a bit easier to deal with. Additionally, his first attack will happen a bit slower.

Royal Giant is a little too good on offense. As a result, almost all players you'll be up against on arena 7 and 8 are using Royal Giant. If you happen to use it, you know the strategy is to just drop it down and wait for your opponent's move since it will deal huge damage either way. Based on the number, the hit speed change is really slight, although they did say that the first attack will happen a bit slower, it that can be an issue of its usability. We'll see if it still stays as on of the most-used troops in the coming days.

Zap: Stun Duration decreased to 0.5sec (from 1sec)


Zap is highly used at all levels of play and currently offers a bit too much versatility for 2 Elixir.

It's true that Zap offers so much value at the cost of 2 Elixirs. The 50% decrease on the stun duration can greatly hurt players who uses Hog Rider. Quite frankly though, I think that Hog Rider will still land an additional blow even with this change. Nevertheless, it'll still remain an effective spell to change the target of Royal Giant or cancelling a charged Sparky.

Princess: Area Damage radius decreased by 25%


We’d like to make the Princess slightly less reliable at clearing up everything in the vicinity of her target.

Although the decrease in numbers is pretty huge, I don't think this will affect the usage of Princess very much. I think that it will still be an effective mob clearer because of its range. The Princess should still be able to clear an all melee drops even with the change. This change, in my opinion, will only affect the Princess' capability when one drops an assortment of ranged and melee units. In some cases, the Princess hits both the melee and ranged unit depending on their move speed. This can be still be avoided even with the current Princess though by timing the drop perfectly.

Ice Wizard: Hit Points decreased by 5%


Considering how much control he offers, the Ice Wizard is a bit too tanky for his 3 Elixir cost. He’ll still be very strong at the back, but doesn’t offer the same value in the middle of the action.

Ice Wizard is arguably the best unit that offers most value. A 5% reduction on HP should not affect the usage of the unit much. Although, it's good to know that it will not be able to tank as well it can now after the update.

Miner: Deploy Time increased to 1sec (from 0.7sec), Hitpoints decreased by 6%


We’re fixing an unintentional Deploy Time change, and in doing so making the Miner a bit easier to react to once again. Additionally, it’s become clear that the Miner is quite strong and could do with being toned down a notch.

This could be a huge change. The increase in the deploy time and decrease in HP will definitely tone down its effectiveness. The good news is, the change in not so drastic that it will render it useless. Princess+Miner decks should still be good even after this change.

Baby Dragon: Hit Speed increased to 1.6sec (from 1.8sec)


A faster Hit Speed, including a quicker first attack, will make the Baby Dragon more reliable.

Baby Dragon is not so popular especially on higher arenas, I think we'll see a lot more of them after the update.

Dark Prince: Damage increased by 7.5%


The Dark Prince’s stats aren’t quite on par with some other 4 Elixir options. A small damage buff should make him a more viable alternative in both defense and offense support.

Dark Prince is getting extinct on decks especially on higher arenas. This damage buff should take it back to the radar.

Bowler: Elixir cost decreased to 5 (from 6), Hitpoints decreased by 7%, Damage decreased by 10%

A lower Elixir cost should allow for some interesting Bowler synergies to become viable. We’re taking a bit of damage and hitpoints away from him to help compensate for this pretty big change.

Out of all the changes, this is the biggest. At 6 elixir cost, Bowler is not bad. Now that it will be reduce to 5, this could be a game changer and yes we'll be seeing a lot of Bowler synergies in the future because of this change.

Lumberjack: Speed increased to Very Fast (from Fast), Hit Speed increased to 0.7sec (from 1.1sec), Damage decreased by 23%


We’d like to differentiate the Lumberjack from the Mini P.E.K.K.A a bit further, as both are 4 Elixir, high damage cards. This change should help them fill quite different roles in your deck.

I'd personally pick Mini P.E.K.K.A anytime however after this change? I don't know, maybe formulate another deck that revolves around Lumberjack or something.

The Log: Cast time decreased by 66%, travel speed increased by 20%


The Log needs some love. This change will make it more consistent and reliable. (Note: We have some other tricks up our sleeves if this isn’t enough, but they are only possible to implement with a full update)

It's a shame that even though this card is a legendary card, it can't beat Zap when it comes to value. This change might make it a bit more usable but I'll personally still pick Zap simply because I'd be able to target air units if I needed.

Golem: Hit and Death Damage increased by 5%, Hitpoints increased by 1% Golemite: Hit and Death Damage increased by 8%, Hitpoints increased by 3.2%


At 8 Elixir the Golem needs a lot of power to feel viable - these changes will hopefully get it there!

Golem is indeed a bit costly, I don't know if that 1% HP boost for Golem affects it much but the 5% and 8% hit and damage boost for both Golem and Golemite will definitely help.

P.E.K.K.A: Damage increased by 5%


P.E.K.K.A has quite low use rates across the board and could do with some more muscle! We're also making her first attack happen a bit quicker.

Frankly, I think that the 5% damage increase wouldn't be a big of a deal, it's given that it can take down a tower once it reaches it. The question is, can you can have it reach the tower? They mentioned that they're making her first attack happen a bit quicker so I guess the delay on her move after you deploy her will be significantly cut down. If that's so, then I guess that will help her gain more use rates.

Tombstone: Spawn Speed increased to 2.5sec (from 2.9sec)


We’re looking to give the Tombstone more utility in both offense and defense.

Tombstone is pretty annoying when you're relying on units that cost high. They act as both distraction and offensive means if you have a tank in front of it. This change will make it a bit more annoying but only by a tennie bit.

Archers: Damage increased by 2%


This tiny damage increase is just to fix an inconsistency with the Archers vs. Goblins interaction at certain levels.

It's nice to know that Supercell is listening to its community when it comes to game consistency like this. I guess this will also fix the inconsistency of Archers vs Minions, making the Minions win against Archers at certain levels.

Prince: Damage increased by 2%

prince.png </blockquote>This tiny damage increase is just to fix an inconsistency with the Prince vs. Barbarians interaction at certain levels.</blockquote>

To be honest, I am not aware of this. I'm guessing that it's the same as the case with Archers so good job Supercell.


This new update from Supercell is an attempt to balance the game overall. With these changes, I think we will be seeing new tactics and strategies to take advantage of the recent buffs.

How does this balance update affects your Clash Royale deck? Keep us posted in comments and follow us on Twitter!

Article written by AngeloLast modified: 6, 01, 2017


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