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Spell cards are being buffed in this balance changes! Here are our impressions and insights about it!


Another balance update has come up and it focuses on buffing up the spell cards, and nerfing some units for overall consistencies. This is a short changelog, but it is very meaningful for underused cards.

Giant: Damage decreased by 5%:

The Giant will still hit hard after this change - he has really big fists after all - we just wanted to take a little bit of power from his offensive capabilities, as his main role is to soak up damage.

5% may be a little change, but this is a great change, nonetheless. The current meta is full of Giant decks. They are currently unstoppable as long as they are supported by other AOE units. His main purpose supposedly is to get all the damage away from the other troops, not to deal heavy damage to the tower, as well. Hopefully, they will still nerf the Giant more in the future such as 5% decrease on his health too.

Rage: Elixir cost decreased to 2 (from 3), effect decreased to 30% (from 40%), duration decreased by 2sec:

The Rage spell hasn't seen much usage and is in need of a bigger change, especially with the introduction of the Lumberjack's "free" Rage. Decreasing the Elixir cost to 2 should make Rage a really viable and exciting combo card!

It is true, no one has been using the Rage for ages. This is a good experimental change, as we might as well be seeing swarm attacks with Huts Deck Strategy. Imagine the offensive capability it has, 6 seconds is still long for a quickly paced game, and 30% is still a huge boost for the troops' attack speed. I would love to see how this would work out in the current meta, and hopefully it will not break things too much.

Lumberjack: Rage effect decreased to 30% (from 40%), Rage duration decreased by 2sec :

For consistency with the Rage spell changes above.

He is still a valuable support card for any tanks deck. I mean his attacks are really deadly and quick. His rage is like a 2nd option, to be honest. For 4 elixirs, he can easily deal some good amount of damage against enemy's towers.

Mirror: Mirrors cards 1 level higher than its own level:

We love the surprise element Mirror brings and we've been having a blast playtesting this new version! At Tournament Rules card levels, Mirror will bring a truly unique element to your deck, making your cards 1 level higher than the tournament cap! Also, a max level Mirror will create max level +1 cards!

This is a huge change for the Mirror. Only a few people use them, especially in tournaments. Although, this change actually benefits the tournament players the most. I would love to see people use this card on tournaments and just punish those who have lesser-leveled cards in the tournament.

Lightning: Stuns targets for 0.5sec :

Due to Lightning's low use rate, and partly for consistency with Zap, we're adding a brief stun effect to make it more unique and hopefully an interesting addition to some decks.

It acts like a buffed Zap now. This is going to be an effective card against Sparky, Prince, and Dark Prince. The damage is also significantly higher too and it will also reset Elixir Collector's pump, as well as X-bow and Mortar's targets.

The Log: Knocks back ALL ground troops :

This change will make The Log feel like the Legendary Card it was born to be.

Well, this is a good buff for The Log. Many people used to consider it as the most useless legendary card since it was launched. This change will definitely shift their opinions to positive now. It can even stop Dark Prince and Prince charges, which are great. This will also reset their attacks once they reach the tower too.

Bomber: Hitpoints decreased by 2%, Damage increased by 2% :

A small tweak to fix a couple of inconsistencies with card interactions at certain levels.

Just as the changelog says, the Bomber is going to be much easier to counter than it used to. He can be pretty powerful especially against slow melee units. Although, his damage should be nerfed as well. He can easily destroy a push by his own.

What do you think:

This may be a small changelog for the cards in Clash Royale, but this makes sense a lot. Although, I wish they could have nerfed some cards like the Bomber and Giant more. The Giant + Bomber combo is very dangerous if you have no air units to stop both of them. I also love the buff for Rage, The Log, Lightning, and Mirror. These cards will hopefully change the current meta to a better and varied one.

What do you think? Do you hate the changes or love it?

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Article written by: KarlSanada

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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