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Inferno Golem Beatdown For Arena 6 Above

Melt and crash that tower with this Golem and Inferno Dragon mashup!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 9, 2017.
This article had a major update on


The June 12, 2017 Update buffed the legendary Inferno Dragon. Witness and learn how this deck rolls to bag those trophies right away!


The deck is strong against Slow-Push, some Swarm and Bait Cycle Decks.

Inferno Golem Deck:

Inferno Dragon Golem Baby Dragon Minions
inferno-dragon.png golem.png baby_dragon.png minions.png
Skeletons Zap Poison Elixir Collector
skeletons.png zap.png poison.png elixir_collector.png

Card Roles:

  • Inferno Dragon - Tower melter. Deploy this card to support your Golem in taking down towers. Support with the right cards to extend its ability.
  • Golem - Main tank. Create slow yet strong offensive strategies with the Golem. Support it with your flying units and spells as much as possible.
  • Baby Dragon - Swarm stopper. Deploy this troop to wipe out air and ground swarmers. Use Zap to quickly annihilate its target if necessary.
  • Minions - Additional support. Use the Minions in taking down ground units. It can also be a great support with the Golem.
  • Skeletons - The Skeletons will help you cycle back the cards you need swift. You can also deploy this to lure or distract incoming threats.
  • Zap - Zap the Inferno Tower/Dragon to reset their target and damage. Best pick to counter swarm or counter cards around your squad.
  • Poison - Cast this spell to clear or weaken pesky troops who are going to take down your units/towers.
  • Elixir Collector - Plant the Elixir Collector to gain extra elixir to form your strong team every now and then.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy for this deck is to have your Collectors early on your base. Attack your enemy with the Golem and the Inferno Dragon. Along with this tag team, you will need to pick the best support behind them. Depending on the enemy's deck, you will need to prepare spells and proper timing to cast those. With this set of cards, you can make your move or counter pushes effectively.


After planting 1-2 Elixir Collectors, you can now use the Golem to start an offensive strategy. Place it behind the King Tower and wait until your elixir loads up. You can support it with the Inferno Dragon and Baby Dragon as well. Prepare your spells in this phase. If the enemy tries to lure your Golem with an Inferno Tower, use the Zap to reset it. If being swarmed by troops, use the Poison to drain their HPs.


During defense, you can commonly use the Baby Dragon, Minions, and Skeletons.

Deploy the Baby Dragon against ground/air swarms. If dealing with ground troops, deploy the Minions. These aerial troops can also tone down units like the Lava Hound or the Inferno Dragon. To make these two units far more effective, you can also drop the Skeletons. The Skeletons can serve as a distraction especially against the Elite Barbarians and PEKKA.

If you are playing against bulky troops, you can use the Inferno Dragon to quickly annihilate them. Create a counter push with the Golem if possible.

If times are tough, you can use the Golem to tank incoming units. Do not forget to support it with your available cards to make an effective comeback.

The Zap and/or Poison are also great counters for threats like the Graveyard, Three Musketeers, and the like.

Additional Tip:

Save spells and use it on offensive attacks as much as possible. Supporting your Golem/Inferno duo will be easy if you are prepared on what your enemy is going to do to counter it. Also, you will need to guard your Elixir Collector if needed. Remember not to overuse your elixir in such combos. Save until you overwhelm your opponent in your actions.


This deck might face difficulties against Splasher, Tornado or Electro Wizard Decks.



Special thanks to Zerohour Gaming for this deck!


In my opinion, this deck will climb in the upcoming meta. With the new update, expect big changes with the spells and less loved cards.

Are you ready to see a lot of Inferno Dragon decks after up balance changes?

Share us your thoughts in our comment section below.

Last modified: 15, 06, 2017

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