This will make you better than Harry Potter in casting spells!

You already know how to attack. But of course, in every great battle that you desire to win, is a great gameplan. You can't just go hackin' and slashin' your way to your enemy's tower. And one big factor that can turn tides is casting spells. One precisely timed spell can overturn a battle and give you a victory.

As always, we will let you know how  to win properly without cheating. So here is your not-so-ultimate guide in casting spells.



arrows.png The most commonly used card in the game. Mainly due to its large radius that can inflict damage on multiple enemies without using too much elixir.

For example, if your opponent sends out a Minion Horde, you know you can take it easily with one shot. But to get more value out of your card, wait for another card to be deployed (which is likely to happen). Then you fire away those arrows. Killing two birds with one stone, right? But what if he sends out something like a Baby Dragon with his Minion Horde? Well, at least, you get to kill the Minions and inflict damage to the Baby Dragon. It saves you Elixir which you can use for your next attack to take out the Baby Dragon.


fireball.png Best used for defense instead of offense. Having pretty much the same value as the Arrows card, this can deal damage to multiple troops at a time. It can deal more damage than an Arrow but has a limited radius. But the thing with this card is, it can only one-shot those who are at a lower level.

It can only do so much with the same or higher level as them. The trick is the same: wait for an inferior card to be dealt along with the first one. That way, you kill one while inflicting damage to the other.


lightning.png This is an Epic card with high damage value. It can hit up to 3 enemy troops or buildings with the most hit points in the target area. With its high damage value, the best way to use this is to weaken three enemy troops or buildings with the higher HP value. This spell costs six Elixirs, so use it wisely.


rocket.png Doing a bit more damage than a Lightning, and it also costs six Elixirs. Almost the same use with a Lightning except that this one has a smaller radius. So the best way to use this is when you see a gathering of troops in one area, fire away that Rocket card.


rage.png Costs only three Elixirs and giving your troops 35% addition to their attack speed. Troop buildings and summoners deploy troops faster. Nothing else aside from that. It is best used to slow moving troops like a P.E.K.K.A. Aside from that, there is nothing much this card can offer aside from taking one of your eight slots.


freeze.png This is one powerful card. It can scare the hell out of you or your opponent if used properly. Freeze card has a decent radius which makes it ideal to use for clumping enemy troops and buildings. When you see one, you can cast this card upon them and then use a cheap card like a Goblin to finish the job for you. However, be mindful that your opponent might have this card as well. So spread out your troops and avoid deploying next to your Tower. Freeze is also very popular when teamed with the Hog Rider


zap.png This card may be inferior compared to Arrows and Fireballs, which deals a lot more damage to buildings and can kill enemy troops with one shot. But its stun effect makes this card unique and vital to your deck. Use this card whenever you see a clumping (the ever bad idea) of troops to kill weaker troops like Goblins, and then stun the rest of them. That way a Hog Rider can get an extra shot at your enemy's tower.


mirror.png This one simply mirrors your last card played for +1 Elixir. Fun to use at first but as the level of competition goes up, so is the need for different cards with a different use. In a competitive play, you don't want to have two same cards out of your precious eight slots. So this card may seem to look like a decent card to use, but still a liability in your deck.


poison.png As deadly as its name suggests. With a pretty good radius, this one is best used on your side. Slow down enemy troops with this card, and let your tower on defense deal with it. That way, you can go on full blast offense.

Goblin Barrel

goblin_barrel.png Don't get fooled by the looks of this last entry. It may look useless compared to what others can do, but with proper use, this may be as critical as the others. Use this one as a bait to opponent's Arrows or other spells. This will give you time to attack without a direct counter.

You may plan now your new deck and know which one you will include in it. Again, not one card can do all the job so it's best what spell card should be included.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section below!



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