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Learn more about the Inferno Tower and how you can manipulate your way around it.


The Clash Royale Inferno Tower is known to be a defensive building that is capable of dealing high damage to enemy troops. It is obtainable in Arena 4, so Inferno Tower users are usually the ones who play with strategies, and effective ones at that. There are effective ways, however, to counter it.



Inferno Tower is very effective with going against high HP troops like the Golem, Balloon, and Giant since its attack intensifies over time. It also distracts them since most of the high HP troops target buildings.

Popular Inferno Tower Decks:

Siege Type Strategy


Frustrate your enemies with this deck in Clash Royale.

The Inferno Tower is the star of this siege type deck together with the X-Bow. The Inferno Tower provides support to the X-Bow (being the main siege troop) by targeting the high HP enemy tanks.

Clash Royale Arena 7 Deck With Almost No Counter


The deck was created by a Reddit user named Bruh_Ch2, that shared his experience to successfully climbed up in the last arena in the Clash Royale Universe, Arena 8 - The Legendary Arena.

A very powerful deck that includes the Inferno Tower as your ultimate defense and the legendary Princess Card, this is recommendable to try for when you are in Arena 7.

How to counter Inferno Tower:


1. Multiple-unit Troops

Since Inferno Tower is a single-targeting unit, swarming it can be the most effective way to tear it down much like other single-targeting troops. The Inferno Tower will target one unit at a time. Though it may be powerful, it may also be defenseless when outnumbered. It is recommended to summon not only one multiple-unit card if possible.

2. High Damage Spells If throwing swarms at the Inferno Tower doesn't go well, you can still resort to high damaging spells like the Lightning and the Rocket. These are really handy when you have buildings to go against and even high hit-point troops. And the best thing about it is that the damage done to it is direct, so you don't have to worry about health damages and other counter troops.

Decks that can counter the Inferno Tower:

Air Attack Deck for Pushing in Clash Royale's Arena 3 - 4


The air-attack deck focuses on that one glaring mistake of many Clash Royale players - focusing on the ground.

There's no way the Inferno Tower can do anything against a swarm of troops coming to it.

Try This Arena 3 and 4 Skeleton Army Deck to Counter High-HP Enemies


If you have been confronted by too much Prince and Giant Skeletons, the perfect counter is none other than the Skeleton Army Deck.

The Skeleton Army is fast enough to reach the Inferno Tower before the Giant, allowing the Giant to receive lesser damage from that tower.

Related Inferno Tower Guides:

Defensive Deck Strategy


So we bring you some great reviews, tips and how to’s in the past articles. How about we introduce you the defensive-type cards or what we called the Building Cards.

This deck is a proof that the Inferno Tower is a very effective defensive unit, especially in upper Arenas.

How To Counter The Golem In Clash Royale


The bane of every Clash Royale player's existence is dealing with Tanks and Tower-Smashers like the Golem. Fortunately, there are specific cards that can effectively eliminate this brawny creature.

While you can for a big push to counter the eventual Golem attack, you can alternatively use the Goblin Tower to distract it.

It is quite worthy to have an Inferno Tower at your side, you'll be even more surprised at how it can defend you when in Upper Arenas and being up against players that goes for offensive strategies.



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