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You gotta spend Elixir to make Elixir. This makes it easier for you to counter and push your opponent's Arena if they play bad with their remaining elixir.


The Elixir Collector can be obtained at the Builder's Workshop (Arena 6). It's a unique building that provides the player with extra Elixir. It is mostly popular with deck that uses a lot of high-elixir-cost troops.



If placed well, the Elixir Collector can give you a huge elixir advantage. It doubles the production of elixir which gives you more elixir per second than normal. With the help of this card, you can use cards faster than your opponent.

Card Profile:

The Clash Royale Elixir Collector Guide


Let's learn the in and outs of the Elixir Collector and why it is a great card to have in your deck.

Popular Elixir Collector Decks:

Rage Three Musketeers Deck Strategy in Arena 7 and Above!


Using the Rage + Three Musketeers deck is a high risk - high reward tactic that can help you push trophies if executed properly.

Since the Three Musketeers are the highest elixir costing troop in the Arena, the Elixir Collector would be a great help in achieving full elixir faster than your opponent.

Mortar Deck Strategy Guide for Arena 6 and Above


If you plan to use the mortar strategy in Clash Royale, make sure to know when you think you can win and analyze if it's time to push for a draw.

This is another Clash Royale Arena deck that consists of high-elixir-cost cards. Using an Elixir Collector will help you keep up with the elixir costs.

How to Counter the Elixir Collector:

2016-05-03-05-25-15-05og14z.png The troops above are effective counters for the Elixir Collector.

Arrows, Lightnings, and Fireballs: They can shorten the Elixir Collector's lifetime to produce Elixir.

Minion Horde and Balloon: These aerial troops can easily take out buildings.

Hog Rider: He loves to destroy buildings and the Elixir Collector is a building. This makes him one of the best counters especially with his 1 elixir difference.

Goblin Barrel: If the Elixir Collector is placed behind towers. The Goblin Barrel is a perfect card to reach it.

Rocket: A great counter. Can instantly take out the Elixir Collector, although it is 1 elixir higher than the Elixir Collector.

Decks that can counter the Elixir Collector:

Unstoppable Rocket Deck for Arena 5


The Rocket is a very underused card. Most players think its elixir cost is too high, but this deck will show you how to properly use the destructive power of the Rocket.

Transform the high-elixir-cost weakness of the Rocket into its main strength with this deck.

Fireball Deck to Burn Towers in Arena 4 and above


The Fireball is an extremely useful Spell Card in Clash Royale. Learn how it can play an important role in your deck here.

A deck with cards that has the ability to destroy the Elixir Collector with ease.

Related Card Guides:

Elixir Collector Deck in Arena 6 and above


Elixir Collector has been one of the most useful cards in Clash Royale recently. It helps you win most of your games by giving you elixir advantage over the opponent most of the time. Try out this deck to gain maximum elixir advantage over your opponent.

Pump-up some extra elixir juices with the Elixir Collector that can help you out in Arenas 6 and above.

The Elixir Collector makes you trade 5 Elixir for more elixir. Basically, it doubles up your elixir production so you can deploy troops quicker. It also stores elixir once you reached 10 elixir.

If you destroy the enemy's Elixir Collector earlier then you've gain an easy elixir advantage. It'll be harder for your opponent to counter your push.



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