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The Cannon is the cheapest defensive building in Clash Royale. But with the right troops and strategy, gaining an elixir advantage is not that hard.


The Cannon is a defensive Clash Royale card which can attack ground units. It shoots cannonballs to single troops. It is unlockable from the Barbarian Bowl.


Cannon's Strength:

The Cannon has moderate HP and DPS. It's used as a defensive building to support the Arena Towers. With its low elixir cost, it's used to distract the Prince/Hog Riders. It's also used to take down troops with high HP like the Giants.

Card Profile:

The Clash Royale Cannon Guide


It's always better to have a Cannon pointed at your enemy instead of at you. Check out its stats and see if it's something you can use in your deck.

Popular Cannon Decks:

Hog Freeze + Cannon Deck Guide for Arena 5 & Above


Hog Rider and Freeze Spell perfectly work together. But how about adding a Cannon for defensive purposes? Here is a useful deck that you can try, Chief!

A deck that offers a perfect balance between offense and defense. A Hog and Freeze for an easy push, and a cannon for a great defense make this one interesting Clash Royale deck.

Hog Rider + Cannon Deck Strategy For Arena 4 and Above


Don't have the Freeze Spell, yet? We have another deck for the most beloved Hog riding guy that can be effective as early as Arena 4!

If you don't have the Freeze Spell yet then you can switch it up with a different card. This deck features an effective replacement for the Freeze Spell.

How to Counter the Cannon:

2016-05-02-13-10-05-g8mPye7.png Princess and Musketeer: They are the troops that can out-range the Cannon. They can attack the Cannon without getting shot by it.

Fireball: A low-level Fireball might not have the right amount of damage to destroy a Cannon. But it can deal enough damage so troops can take it out easier.

Minion and Minion Horde: The Cannon cannot attack aerial troops which makes these troops an effective counter.

Balloon: Focuses buildings. Balloons are an effective counter to the Cannon for its high DPS.

Baby Dragon: Quite tanky aerial troop. Great to take out the Cannon along with enemy troops around it.

Skeleton Army: The Cannon targets only one unit at a time. This means that MOBs and Swarm troops like the Skeleton Army is a great counter.

Decks that can counter the Cannon:

Arena 4 Tombstone Deck For A Massive Skeleton Push!


Don't disregard these little critters. They can be anybody's doom!

A swarm deck like this that consist of Skeletons and Minions is a perfect counter for Cannons.

Hidden Hog Rider Deck for Arena 4 & Above


Have you already encountered a Hog Rider deck that tries to camouflage himself through the use of the Minion Horde? It may be confusing, but this deck is kind of fun to use.

Using a Horde of Minions to hide the Hog Rider is an awesome strategy. With this you can take out the Cannon quickly and go straight for the Crown Towers.

Related Card Guides:

Cannon Deck Top Defensive Build In Arena 5


Though the Cannon was nerfed too much, it can still be a mean machine that will deter every attack on your playing field.

A durable defense deck that revolves around the cannon. Unique deck to use in Arena 5 and above.

The Cannon can only attack one unit at a time so it's better to put it down on the middle of your Arena. You can also put it down crown towers as a supportive defense building. It's nerfed in the past but it can still take out troops if placed correctly.

It has a lot of counters so it wouldn't be hard to take it out especially if you have aerial troops. If they placed down a Cannon then put troops at both side or spam troops at one side. This method will quickly take out the Cannon and might actually win you a crown.



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