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Have you ever find yourself trying to destroy a Goblin Hut only to realize it was all just a bait for you to waste your elixir? Don't waste the same mistakes again by reading this article.


With its constant spawn of Spear Goblins, the Goblin Hut can be annoying when you have an Offensive Deck. It will distract your offensive troops so the arena towers can take them out easily. However, they are really easy to counter and most results in a positive elixir trade.



The Goblin Hut is great to distract troops like the Prince from attacking the crown towers directly. They are also great for poking down larger troops and crown towers. If used well, you can have a swarm of Spear Goblins along with your other troops to destroy crown towers faster.

How to counter the Goblin Hut:


Freeze Skeleton Army Barbarians Musketeer
Hog Rider Giant Fireball

Bomb Tower: They can take care of the spawns quite easily until the Goblin Hut runs out of Spear Goblins.

Freeze: You can either use it on the Spear Goblins attacking your crown towers or directly on the Goblin Hut.

Skeleton Army: They can take out buildings easier and quickly. You can even force your opponent to use a spell card to get rid of them. 'Barbarians: They are mean, quick, and strong. These Barbarians can charge and take down the Goblin Hut in a few seconds. Musketeer: She can take out Spear Goblins easily from a distance like the Archers. She also deals more damage than them which makes her better than the Archers.

Hog Rider: He prioritizes buildings and the Goblin Hut is a troop building. So he'll destroy the Goblin Hut first before anything which makes him one of the perfect counters.

Giant: They may be slow but they sure love to destroy buildings. Pair them up with a support troop like Archers or Bomber and they'll destroy the Goblin Hut in no time.

Possible Replacement: Golem,Giant Skeleton, PEKKA

Fireball: The fireball is the perfect spell card to counter the Goblin Hut. A high-level Fireball can destroy a Goblin Hut in just one shot. It is also 1 elixir cheaper than the Goblin Hut which gives you an elixir advantage.

Possible Replacement: Lightning, Rocket

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Goblin Huts are not that much of a threat. Unless the enemy manages to pile up his troops and swarms your arena with MOBs.

There are more ways to counter the Goblin Huts. You can even just focus on the other lane and split-push. The Spear Goblins has low DPS and HP so you can ignore them for a bit while you focus on attack the split-pushing.

Always remember that when countering the enemy, using a card with a lesser elixir cost is better.



  • ice golem -- 18:51, 30 June 2017 (UTC)
  • Yup Pekka is great against goblin hut cuz pekka is countered by swarm -- 12:55, 8 September 2016 (UTC)