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There's a little trick to make that destructive Royal Giant retarget a building and away from your precious tower


There's an incoming Royal Giant and it is already locked on to one of your towers because the deployment time of your Building took long enough. This trick can save you a bunch of trophies in a win or lose situation. We'll teach you how!



Using the Zap spell can stun and restart any troop surging in. This time, it can restart the Royal Giant and make it aim on the nearest building instead. Take note that the distance of the building and the Royal Giant can be a factor if he will retarget or not.


Ever heard of using fast troops to push a unit? This time, you have to put the Valkyrie in front of the Royal Giant to push it a bit, the tower will be out of his range so he'll retarget to a building instead.


This two elixir Goblins can do more than deal huge damage against this tower locking troop. Deploy them before the RG and their speed will push him and retarget.


Because of the Valkyrie push, some Redditors also shared their tricks on how to push other troops. Here are some of their best comments:



Because of this neat Clash Royale trick, you don't need to worry if just in case you were a tad late in planting a building at the center of your camp. But of course, putting your building beforehand can save you the trouble.

Special mention to J-Falco for sharing this pro tip on Reddit! More Clash Royale tips here in Clash Royalepedia!

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Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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