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Want to counter a Valkyrie, Mini P.E.K.K.A and even a Dark Prince with just Archers or Skeletons? We will show you how!


Sometimes the right deployment can lure troops away from your tower. Even a three-elixir card like the Archer or a one elixir card Skeletons can lure them to their doom to give you a quick positive elixir trade.

Split Tech:

In doing the Split Tech Defense, you will be needing a group of troops. We prefer using Archers and Skeletons since they are cheap and capable of luring incoming units right at the center of your base where your tower archers can reach.



  • Knowing where to deploy is important. Drop them in the middle and one tile at the other lane. If an enemy troop is coming on the right lane drop your troops in the middle plus one tile to the left.


  • Timing is crucial. Drop your Archers or Skeletons just before the enemy troop crosses the bridge.


  • If the timing and the positioning is right, your tower archers will take care of the rest.

Spear Goblins VS Double Prince:


Luring the Double Prince with Spear Goblins is pretty easy. As usual, drop them in the middle one tile to the other lane just when they cross the bridge. The Spear Goblins will get rid of the Dark Prince's shield and then drop Goblins right on top to finish the deed. Your tower archers will help in crushing thew Prince down. Giving you a massive elixir trade!


Learning this quick and easy tip can earn you a good positive elixir trade and might even help you win the game. This can even result to a rage quit if you do it every single time your opponent pushes.

Thank you Yarn from Orange Juice for doing this feature on Youtube.

If you want to watch the complete tutorial video, click here.

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Last modified: 6,01,2017


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