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How to Counter the Skeleton Barrel
The Skeleton Barrel that works similar to the Battle Ram that lets Skellies party from the air to the ground. Here are the best ways to counter them!'
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on November 3, 2017.
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The Skeleton Barrel is available in Arena 6 - Builder's Workshop. It works like a Battle Ram that initially targets buildings and scatters 8 Skeletons upon building or tower contact. It has the same speed as the flying Balloon and at tourney standards it has almost the same HP as a lone Barbarian.

Defending against the Skeleton Barrel can be a headache if you don't know what card to use against it. It has a 0.5 second delay before it burst into 8 Skellies.

More about the Skeleton Barrel here:

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The strength of this card is it is cheap and scatters 8 menacing Skeletons. Players can use it on offense by using a tanker or via spell bait decks. On defense, the Skeleton Barrel is to devastate defense buildings before it locks on to an incoming push.

How to Counter the Skeleton Barrel:


Zap Arrows
zap.png arrows.png

As shared by Yarn from Orange Juice, there is a 0.5 seconds delay upon the deployment of the Skellies. If you'll notice there is an animation where a barrel pops and out goes the Larrys. You have to time your spells before you deploy to get a +1 or equal elixir trade.


Valkyrie Skeleton Army Goblin Gang Bats Archers Executioner
valkyrie.png skeleton_army.png Goblin_Gang.png bats.png archers.png executioner.png
KZZAKx.gif kZZOQ6.gif
G55QnJ.gif qYYMYG.gif
  • Valkyrie - You have to time her deployment just when the Skellies are about to spread out in a circle. Check out the first gif image above.
  • Skeleton Army - The SkArmy is probably the easiest counter for the Skele Barrel, just drop it on top of the enemy Larrys and you're all set.
  • Goblin Gang - Same as the Valk, you also have to do the correct timing here. Check out the gif of the Gob Gang countering the Skele Barrel above. It might be tough but it's doable.
  • Bats - Bats are a good counter against the Skele Barrel that will earn you a +1 elixir trade. Make sure to drop the Bats as soon as the Skele Barrel crosses the bridge to give them time to clean up.
  • Archers - Deploy the Archers in the middle of your base as soon as the Skele Barrel crosses the bridge. Your tower archer will also help out.
  • Executioner - Same as the Archers, put him in the middle to remove the Skellies in one clean swoop.

Decks that may counter the Skeleton Barrel:

Hog Rocket Executioner Deck for Arena 11 Miner-Loon Control Deck for Arena 9, Challenges and Tournaments Spark-Nado Hybrid Deck for Arena 9 and Above
hog-rocket-exec.png miner-loon-control-deck.png spark-nado-hybrid-deck.png



The Skeleton Barrel is an easy counter as long as you have the elixir and card to use against it. Even 1 elixir Skeletons can finish the job with the help of the tower archer as long as you're willing to sacrifice a few tower hits.

  • GIFs are from Orange Juice's video. Watch it HERE!

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Last modified: 9, 11, 2017

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