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How to Counter the Night Witch

In addition to the Night Witch, you also need to counter her bats. Here are tips on how to do it.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on May 30, 2017.
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The Night Witch is available starting May 31, 2017. She is attainable starting from the Frozen Peak - Arena 8.

The Night Witch spawns an unlimited amount of Bats as long as she lives on the battlefield. She is way too different from the original Witch. The Night Witch is a melee troop that releases 4 additional Bats when she dies.

Card Profile:

night_witch.png Night Witch
If you want more information about the Night Witch, you can check its card profile here.

How to Counter the Night Witch:


One of the best counters in the game is the Executioner. Before the Night Witch spawns her new Bats, it will more likely be killed once the Executioner throws his axe. The 4 additional Bats will also be dead before they can do chip in damages against their target.


The Tornado can also play a big part in countering the Night Witch. Drag the unit in the center of your base to activate the two crown towers and kill it. If lucky enough, one of her spawned Bats will reach your King Tower and eventually attack it.

giphy.gif giphy.gif

Cheap defensive buildings can also halt the Night Witch’s rampage. If you are a Cannon or Tombstone player, then you can counter them with any of these cards.

giphy.gif giphy.gif

Spells like Poison and Fireball are also some of the best picks to counter it quickly.

Decks That Can Counter the Night Witch:


Tornado Hog-Yard Deck For Arena 8 and Above


Gravy Electro Cycle For Arena 11


Splash Yard Deck for Arena 8 and Above


Miner Ice Nado Deck for Arena 10


Giant-Loon No Legendary Deck for Arena 11


Hog-Nado Sparky Deck for Arena 10


The Night Witch is definitely a good card in Clash Royale. We are seeing her as a Meta Unit due to her epic abilities in both offensive and defensive plays. Lots of cards might counter it but it will not be easy to take her down.

I can’t wait to see a lot of Night Witch decks from now on.

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Last modified: 31, 05, 2017

Last modified: 31, 05, 2017

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