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The Mirror is probably the strangest spell card of the game. Its ability to "reflect" the last card played is pretty amazing. But, don't worry yourself, because it isn't very hard to tell if someone has it. And what if it's possible to exploit the very trait that makes it so useful?



With the ability to reflect the last card played, there is not much one can do to stop this card. Immediately after playing something such as the Goblin Barrel, the Mirror can be used to "reflect" the last play and summon the card again for the same cost. Mirror does not have its own elixir cost because it is always the same as the last card played.

Mirror Profile:

2016-04-06-03-12-42-MirrorCard.png The Clash Royale Mirror Guide

The Mirror is a card not to be messed with. When used correctly, it can give you a high chance of winning matches.

Popular Mirror Decks:

2016-04-11-17-30-50-Mirror_Deck.jpg The Mirror Deck's Unstoppable Offense in Arena 5

An excellent combo with the Mirror is the Goblin Barrel. This pair will allow a player to damage an opponent's towers, even with a huge defensive wall blocking their path.
2016-05-04-05-11-08-maxresdefault__9_.jpg Sparky Spam Deck For Arena 6 For A Sure Win!

The ultimate way to destroy your enemies. Combine your tesla tank known as Sparky and the Mirror for a definite win. Your opponents will wish they never have to see you again.

How to Counter the Mirror:

There is no true way to counter the Mirror, but it is possible to exploit when someone uses it. If you're lucky enough to face someone with little experience using the Mirror, you'll have an easier time of it. Realize that if you see two of the same card without three others being deployed, this spell card has been used.

If you see a Giant on the field followed by another, this makes it obvious your opponent has used up their elixir. Most people will try to use an Elixir Collector to exploit the spell card's ability. Focus on destroying these to keep the match even, and pause a person's Mirror strategy. Force your opponent to use up their elixir by forcing their activation of the mirror.

All in all, the best strategy for "countering" the Mirror is to force a defensive play by your opponent.

Decks That Can Counter the Mirror:

2016-04-13-10-20-39-golem_wiz_deck.jpg Golem Strategy For Arena 6 & Above

The Golem strategy deck is a good way to to exhaust the Mirror deck's elixir count. Having such powerful cards come at them will force the player to work the spell card into an defense strategy, allowing for a possible push to a tower.
2016-05-06-16-02-59-Furnace_deck.jpg Furnace Deck in Arena 6 and Above

This is a well-balanced deck that can help keep your opponent away from your towers. Even if you don't win, there's a good chance they won't either.

Related Mirror Guides:

2016-04-29-04-16-14-maxresdefault__2_.jpg F2P Mirror Mayhem Pressure Deck For Arena 7!

Make your enemies sweat with this deck. Spam your opponent with the Minion Horde using this strategy, and they'll be using up their elixir before you need to deploy another card.
2016-05-08-12-58-20-best-mirror-deck.jpg Mirror + Fireball and Goblin Barrel Deck for Arena 5 and 6!

How about a Mirror deck that has almost no counter? This will let you make short work of towers using the Hog Rider and Mirror combo.


The Mirror spell can make for a very intense match. Using it can turn a match one way or the other, depending on the strategy used. I hope this guide gave you some ideas of how to deal with a Mirror deck. Let us know in the comments what you have come up with.

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017



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