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Have you encountered the Mega Minion? Having a hard time to counter it? Here is our guide on how to counter the Mega Minion.


As the new September Update rolls out, Supercell is planning to release 4 new cards. However, they will be releasing one new card every 2 weeks. Mega Minion is the first card to be released alongside the September Balance Update.

Mega Minion is a new rare card on Clash Royale. It can be unlocked in Royal Arena. It can target both air and ground, just like a regular Minions.


Card Profile:

2016-09-19-00-47-23-mega_minion.PNG Mega Minion
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How to Counter Mega Minion:

giphy.gif giphy.gif

Mega Minion can easily be destroyed by Musketeer and Princess if placed correctly. Due to Mega Minion's slow movement, the Musketeer and Princess can shoot it from afar with the help of the crown's tower.

giphy.gif giphy.gif

Ice Spirit and Fire Spirits have enough range to hit the Mega Minion. They make a good counter, especially the Fire Spirits. When three fire spirits hit the Mega Minion, it is a sure-kill. Place them on the right tile, otherwise, they may be reached by the Mega Minion.


With its slow movement, Mega Minion can easily be distracted like the faster Mini P.E.K.K.A. Tombstone is probably the most logical since it costs the same as Mega Minion. Although, Witch and Goblin can do the same, they just cost too much for a distraction.

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Mega Minion is such an amazing card as of now. Although, you may say it is currently a little overpowered due to its cost/performance value. It can be countered by many cards with the right placement. It is a defensive force than an offensive force due to its slow movement and short range. Keep distracting it and utilize your ranged units so it can be killed before doing any damage to your tower.

I would love to thank Orange Juice Gaming for having such an amazing video on how to counter the Mega Minion

What do you think? Do you hate the changes or love it?

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Article written by: KarlSanada

Gifs are made from videos by Orange Juice Gaming!

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017



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  • They need to reduce its HP and damage, if not increase its attack speed, he is currently too strong plus he is an air troop. -- 12:25, 18 October 2016 (UTC)