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How to Counter the Mega Knight
Make way to the Legendary Tank AoE Unit, the Mega Knight. Learn how to counter him here.
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The Mega Knight is known as a 7-elixir unit that jumps and smashes its target severely. It is an AoE unit that can swiftly clear a team of incoming threats.

In this article, we tried to collect and analyze the best cards to counter it.

Let's check!

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The strength of this legendary unit is its whole existence. Its HP and DPS are high enough to become a tank and wrecker at the same time. It might have a slow ATK or Movement Speed, but supporting it with spells and units are attainable. This card is best with air/ground splashers like the Valkyrie, Executioner and the like. Users can play this unit just like how they play a Golem or a Lava Hound deck.

How to Counter the Mega Knight:

Right now, there are so many speculations on how they will deal with this Legendary. Here are some of what we saw and think.

Using Aerial Units:

Minion Horde Inferno Dragon
minion_horde.png 2016-10-03-08-26-36-2016-09-22-06-20-29-inferno-dragon.png

One of the best ways to deal with the Mega Knight is by using aerial units. The Minion Horde will surely shred this unit's HP in just a few moment. If successful, it will also be a positive elixir trade in your part. But this move is dead risky. Any spells like the Fireball and the Arrows will annihilate your 5-elixir counter. So make sure to watch out for the enemy's cards/cycle to avoid their support cards wipe out these counter units.

It is also not a bad choice to bring the Inferno Dragon along with your deck. It will melt down the Mega Knight's HP in a few seconds. Do not forget to use spells or distraction cards to make your counter more successful.

Using Buildings:

Inferno Tower Tombstone
inferno_tower.png tombstone.png

Most of you might disagree, but if you play these building cards wisely, there will be a chance to counter the Mega Knight.

These cards are more likely your distraction cards. Yes, once the Mega Knight jumps to any of these, your towers will be in deep dire. But only if you let them wreck you easily.

In using the Inferno Tower, you will need to play other cards to distract the Mega Knight. It maybe a Tornado Spell with/or any range units. Cheap cards like the Skeletons or the Spear Goblins will also help your Inferno Tower. Just make sure to place them a bit far to allow the Inferno Tower to damage the Mega Knight overtime.

The Tombstone is one great distraction. Spawning a good amount of Skeletons over time will provide a big annoyance to the Mega Knight. From there, you can now use your Inferno Tower/range units to attack it.

Using High DPS units:

P.E.K.K.A Sparky
PEKKA.png sparky.png

In a one-on-one combat, the PEKKA can likely take the Mega Knight down. For ground counters, this is one of the best picks in most of the players' opinions today.

However, the Sparky can also take this unit down but in multiple blasts. Support it with your available cards if needed.

Using Spells:


The Mirror Spell is also a great weapon to counter the Mega Knight. If you are using a Minion Horde, you can simply Mirror it once the enemy arrowed your initial squad.

Like other distractions you can use, you can mirror your cheaper cards to divert the attention of the Mega Knight.

Decks that Might Counter the Mega Knight:


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Inferno Golem Beatdown For Arena 6 Above


Like what we have said, it is best to use a mixture of cards in countering it. The cards given in this article might be useless if you do not support those accordingly.

We would love to know more of your predictions on how to counter this Legendary Unit.

Share it with us in the comment section below!

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Last modified: 24, 08, 2017

Last modified: 24, 08, 2017

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