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How to Counter the Hunter
His bushy eyebrows and his boomstick might look intimidating but there is a way to counter the Hunter, here's how!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on December 21, 2017.
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The Hunter is unlockable in Jungle Arena - Arena 9. He joined the Clash Royale community on December 12, 2017 in their Electrifying Update. He shoots with his shotgun that spreads shells but he is dangerous up close.

At Tournament standards, he has a higher HP than the Musketeer at 696 vs 598. His damage is 69 per shell and is multiplied by 10 if he shoots his opponent up close (690 total damage).

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With his boomstick, he can easily clear Minion Hordes, Lava Pups, and other swarms. You can also use him against heavy tankers such as Giants and Golems because of his high DPS up close.

How to Counter the Hunter:


Musketeer Cannon Cart Wizard Prince
musketeer.png cannon_cart.png wizard.png prince.png
  • Musketeer - The Musketeer is the best counter-unit against the Hunter. This is because of her range. The Hunter can't go near her, unless you drop him on top. You will also get an equal elixir trade.
  • Cannon Cart and Wizard - Although 1 elixir higher, these two can also counter the Hunter because of their range. Remember, the Hunter is only deadly against low HP swarms and up close.
  • Prince - The reason why the Prince is here even though he's melee is his charge. He can charge towards the Hunter getting a huge chunk out of his HP.

Decks that may counter the Zappies:

Giant Prince Ladder Deck for Arena 7 and Above No Legendary Goison Prince for Arena 8
giant-prince-musket-beatdown.png goison-prince.png
Goison Prince Nado Deck for Arena 8 and Above Mega Graveyard Freeze for Arena 10 and Tournaments
goison-prince-nado.png PEKKA-Double-prince-miner.png


If you're facing a Hunter, make sure to give him space and counter him at a distance. Remember, one shot of his shotgun up close deals 690 damage (tourney standards). Of course, you can use spells but this will just whittle his HP down and not completely finish him.

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Last modified: 11, 01, 2018

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