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Tombstone is a building-type card that periodically spawns Skeletons every 2.9 seconds. It has a short lifespan unless it is destroyed by the enemy first, spawning 4 Skeletons upon death. The level of the Skeletons spawned is directly related to the level of the card, and will increase when upgraded. To date, the Tombstone is the cheapest Rare card in the game.



The Tombstone is often seen being used as a defensive measure against building-targeting troops like Giant or Balloon, as a well-placed one can draw their ire away from a vulnerable tower.

It is also paired with other spawning units, (Witch, Goblin Hut) to create a formidable force cheaply. The low elixir cost allows for potential stacking and multiple Tombstones on the field.

Because of the Tombstone's ability to spawn Skeletons upon death, it does exceedingly well against units like Sparky or Prince. Skeletons will spawn and attack faster than Sparky can fire, giving Tombstone users an advantage against the tower-wrecking super tank.

Tombstone Profile:

poison.png The Clash Royale Poison Guide
The Tombstone is a building that can provide support to the player's offense. It can also be a tool for quick defense.

Popular Tombstone Decks

2016-03-24-00-50-45-SIEGE_TYPE_DECK.jpg Siege Type Strategy
A siege type deck is one that focuses more on defensive buildings and cards to do damage, Wait, bait and terminate! For players who like keeping a tactical approach to their game, countering as well as outplaying their opponent.
2016-04-06-06-10-37-walldeck.jpg Clash Royale Spam Deck Strategy
Spam type decks focus on spawning as many units as possible in a short amount of time. For players who like using both lanes to pressure their opponents into exhausting their elixir.

How To Counter Tombstone:

  • Giant/Hog Rider/Balloon: Building-seekers. Any one of these can effectively hone in on a Tombstone.
  • Lightning/Fireball/Rocket/Zap: As Tombstone has a fairly low HP, any of these can take it out in one hit (dependent on level). If the level of the Tombstone is formidable (lvl.5+), use these to finish it off once weakened.
  • Baby Dragon: Will wreck a Tombstone in its path. Best yet, Skeletons cannot target flying troops.
  • Arrows: Yes, Arrows can crush a Tombstone, too.

Decks That Can Counter Tombstone:

2016-04-15-08-43-06-balloon_giant_arena_2.jpg Clash Royale’s Balloon Deck Strategy for Arena 2 to 4!
I chose this deck particularly for its heavy dependency on Balloon.Placing your Balloon nearest the Tombstone should be enough to end its reign before it begins. If your opponent is particularly fond of defensive buildings, this deck should be quite effective.
2016-04-18-11-32-18-hogfreezecomb.jpg Hog Rider Freeze Deck Strategy For Arena 5 & Above!
Hog Rider is primarily used to target Towers, but you can use him to dismantle spawn buildings, too. Freeze can only assist in this case, slowing down any other counters. And since Tombstone is so weak, you might have a little time left over to pummel another building! Arrows are also a good back-up, to shorten the time of the Tombstone, and subsequently, the amount of Skeletons they can produce.


One-on-one, the Tombstone can be a fragile pushover. It's really a matter of how you want to get rid of it, and how fast. For those that defend heavily, use Spell cards. And use fast troops to punish those who leave themselves open to attack. So don't be scared of a little Tombstone, and happy smashing. Er, clashing!

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017



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