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Still haven't figured out a good way to deal with the knight before it takes a tower? See here how best to defeat him before he helps the enemy gain the upper hand


The Knight is always a reliable card, even if he's only meant as a distraction. He is versatile when it comes to defending the ground and can provide support is very tough situations. Use him wisely and he can get you the win.



This card is a decent addition to the deck if one is adopting the right strategy. With a high defense and attack, it's easy for the Knight to take out squads of Goblins or Skeletons, even when they're a level or two above the card. Their speed is no match against his sword.

Card Profile:

The Clash Royale Knight Guide


Who better to take into battle than the always faithful Knight?

Here, in a previous article, you can see all the general strengths that the Knight possesses as both a small tank and attack sponge.

Popular Knight Decks:

The Knight Rider Deck: "Push" Your Way Through Arena 4


By taking advantage of some in-game physics, your Knight can attain Hog Rider speeds.

Here is a pretty cool use of the not-so-secret game mechanics. Use your Hog Riders to push your Knight forward towards the enemy towers, giving him way more speed than he should have.

How to Counter The Knight


Because of the Knight's high attack, it is dangerous to leave him without opposition. If you don't want your forces to be torn down by the card, a wonderful counter is either Minions or the even better Minion Horde. He can't look up, so what's he going to do to five creatures way faster than him? 

Since I lack the horde myself, I like annoying people by sending out my Giant Skeleton. Even if he's destroyed, they cannot do anything at all to counter the bomb that drops.

I envy those in possession of a Tesla tower. This card has ridiculous range, allowing the card to rip apart the opposing Knight well before it gets near any tower.

Then, of course, there is the X-Bow. Having seen this thing in action, I guarantee you the Knight will not stand a chance. Once it is charged, it unleashes a non-stop barrage of arrows until its target is gone.

Decks That Can Counter the Knight:

Huts Deck Strategy


Huts are great on mostly everything. They provide troops to defend, attack, and everything. Check out this deck that utilize the two huts, Goblin and Barbarian huts!

I can attest to this strategy having no problem taking down a Knight. You might even drive someone to leave the match early when you use this deck.

Dual Push Deck Strategy


Want to crush your opponent morale? Then try this deck that can utterly destroy both sides of the enemy's territory!

Another great opposition to the Knight is the Dual Push deck. With all the ranged forces it has, it'll make it impossible for your opponent's unit to get past the center line.

Related Guides and Strategies:

Hog Rider Freeze Deck Strategy For Arena 5 & Above!


Here is a super duo of the Hog Rider and Freeze Spell that will help you climb up the Clash Royale ladder to success!

Here we have the Knight take on the main tank role. Thanks to his low elixir cost compared to other tank-types, it is a great choice to push the enemy line back.

Mortar Deck Strategy Guide for Arena 6 and Above


If you plan to use the mortar strategy in Clash Royale, make sure to know when you think you can win and analyze if it's time to push for a draw.

The Knight takes the important role of ground defense for your towers in this strategy, keeping your side safe while other units move forward.

In Closing

The Knight is a great card in the right hands, but sometimes lack the right stuff for the job. Is he still part of your deck or have you replaced him with someone a little faster? Tell us what you think in the comments.



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