Having a hard time dealing with different kinds of combos and pesky troops like Hog + Freeze? Worry not, Chief! We will guide you on how to counter those to gain victory in your future battles!

Countering a specific card possessing a little knowledge is indeed helpful, but how about we introduce 'more' tips to counter those pesky troops, Chief? Here are the articles our fellow curators created to help each and one of us in handling these situations confidently. Alas! 


Training Camp

[Counter] Knight

How to Counter The Knight


Still haven't figured out a good way to deal with the knight before it takes a tower? See here how best to defeat him before he helps the enemy gain the upper hand

[Counter] Giant

How To Counter The Giant


Having trouble dealing with the Giant in Clash Royale? Take a look at this guide and see the best ways to take this monster down

[Counter] Baby Dragon

How To Counter The Baby Dragon


The Baby Dragon is not something to be afraid of if the player knows how to counter it properly.

[Arena 1] Goblin Stadium

[Counter] Goblin Barrel

How to counter the Goblin Barrel


One of the reasons why most Clash Royale players gets defeated is because of those annoying spell/troop cards and Goblin Barrel is one of them. This article will help you counter them.

[Counter] Goblin Hut

How to counter Goblin Hut in Clash Royale


Have you ever find yourself trying to destroy a Goblin Hut only to realize it was all just a bait for you to waste your elixir? Don't waste the same mistakes again by reading this article.

[Arena 2] Bone Pit Troops

[Counter] Balloon

How to Counter the Balloon in Clash Royale


The Balloon frustrates a lot of unprepared Clash Royale players. Thankfully, there's a good counter for it that's already sitting on your deck.

[Arena 3] Barbarian Bowl

[Counter] Barbarians

How To Counter The Barbarians


With high HP and attack, it is important for the player to counter the Barbarians. Here's an article on how to do it properly.

[Counter] Barbarian Hut

How to Counter Barbarian Hut


Having trouble with the Barbarian Hut in Clash Royale? Take a look at this guide and see how to beat it fast.

[Arena 4] PEKKA's Playhouse

[Counter] Hog Rider

How to Counter Hog Freeze Strategy


There's a reason why Hog Freeze is a popular Clash Royale Strategy. However, it is possible to counter if you know one single information about your enemy deck. Learn more about it here.

How To Counter The Hog Rider In Clash Royale


The Hog Rider is very fast, but we'll teach you ways on how to make him stop at his tracks.

[Counter] Inferno Tower

How to counter the Inferno Tower


Learn more about the Inferno Tower and how you can manipulate your way around it.

[Arena 5] Spell Valley

[Counter] Wizard

How To Counter the Wizard In Clash Royale


The Wizard can be intimidating to Balloon users and horde troops. With the right cards, however, you can put a stop to his magic show.

[Counter] Ice Wizard

How to counter the Ice Wizard in Clash Royale


While Clash Royale's Ice Wizard can slow down enemies, it is possible to also slow him down, and destroy him in one - two hits.

[Arena 6] Builder's Workshop

[Counter] Golem

How To Counter The Golem In Clash Royale


The bane of every Clash Royale player's existence is dealing with Tanks and Tower-Smashers like the Golem. Fortunately, there are specific cards that can effectively eliminate this brawny creature.

[Arena 7] Royal Arena

[Counter] Royal Giant

How to counter the Royal Giant in Clash Royale


This Royal Giant can attack crown towers from a distance unlike normal Giants. However, it is easily countered by most troops like any other Giant.

[Counter] Princess

How To Counter The Princess in Clash Royale


Stylish, sassy, and skilled, the Princess can deal quite a lot of damage against your Crown Towers. But she isn't something to fear..

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