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How to Counter Heal

Ever wonder how to counter players who use the Heal Spell? Let us tell you some tips in this featured article.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on June 7, 2017.
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The Heal Spell was first introduced through a Draft challenge late April 2017. This 3-elixir card can give a massive HP replenishment - making a push/defense successful. Unlike most of the Spells, it is classified as a Rare card tagging along with the Fireball and the Rocket.

The Heal Spell is quite a surprising card in the arena today Though it is not included in the current meta, letting it hinder your way during battles is not a good choice.

Heal Strength:

The obvious ability of this spell is to recover a certain amount of HP for live troops. Within its range, troops who are ignored or countered softly will be very dangerous. Units that survived a spell or by initial troop counters can wreck towers in an instant. This card is best used with the Inferno Dragon, Minion Horde, a group of troops with a tank unit, etc.

How to Counter the Heal Spell:

Countering the heal spell might sound like a joke. But if you do not take precautions, your towers will be pulverized in just a swift.

Using Splashers:

Wizard Executioner Bowler Sparky Bomber
wizard.png executioner.png Bowler.png sparky.png bomber.png

Usually, players who use the Heal Spell bring swarm troops. These chosen troops are those who cannot be killed in an instant with the Zap or the Electro Wizard. Some of the examples are the Minion Horde, high-level Goblin Barrel and the like. If you face some of these, then let the splashers annihilate them quick. If times are tough, use spells along with these cards.

Using High DPS Units:

P.E.K.K.A Mini P.E.K.K.A LumberJack Elite Barbarians Prince
PEKKA.png mini_PEKKA.png LumberJack.png 2016-11-22-05-23-17-elite_barbarians.png prince.png

Aside from swarm decks, users play it hard with slow-push decks. The Heal Spell heals troops per second. Getting a higher DPS unit will likely take down bulky or semi-tank units in just a moment. Of course, you will need supporting cards (spells or other units) to shut down your target(s). Some recommended units are the Lumberjack, PEKKA and the Mini PEKKA.

Using Spells:

Fireball The Log Rocket Poison Lightning
fireball.png TheLog.png rocket.png poison.png lightning.png

Saving your spells is also a good move to ruin your enemy's strategy. Remember that some troops cannot be killed by a single spell. So if possible, bring at least two in your deck. If it is not suitable in your current deck, find a way to include a splasher. This is to somehow cover your needs in taking down units in closer interactions.

Decks That Can Counter The Heal Spell:


Chasing Tornadoes Deck for Arena 10


Double-E Cycle Deck for Arena 9


Unstoppable Ice Golem LumberJack Deck for Arena 8


Lightning Hog-Nado Night Witch For Arena 8 Above


DaRealLegened The Samurai Warriors Deck for Arena 11


The Elite P.E.K.K.A's Fury Deck for Arena 10


Lava Hound Deck for Arena 5


Anti-Giant Poison Deck for Arena 9


The best way to counter a Heal Spell user is by knowing the cards they have in cycle. Also, the moment you knew that they are running a deck with it, saving at least two cards to answer their move is mandatory. If they are trying to make a squad, counter it with spells or troops quick. Weakening them early will force them to cycle back again with their needed units. This makes it hard for them to use a viable heal combo.

Good luck! Do you have any tips on how to counter it? Share it below!

Special thanks to Jackmammu for some tips included in this article.

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Last modified: 8, 06, 2017

Last modified: 8, 06, 2017

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