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Having trouble with the Barbarian Hut in Clash Royale? Take a look at this guide and see how to beat it fast.

Barbarian Hut Overview:

The Clash Royale Barbarian Hut is a building that spawns 2 Barbarians at distinct intervals. Adding a Barbian Hut behind your towers is a good way to ensure some ground defense for a few seconds. and even serves as a good distraction from the main towers.



The Barbarian Hut has an HP count of 1000, and it spawns Barbarians. Even at the lowest level, you're guaranteed to get a level 3 Barbarian. The hut is a great way to distract a squad of Skeletons or Goblins as those particular creatures can be taken down in one strike.

Popular Barbarian Hut Decks:

Arena 3 Barbarian Hut Deck to Easily Push Trophies and Overwhelm Opponents


With the right cards, a deck build upon the Barbarian Hut can be deadly in later stages of the game.

The Barbarian Hut Deck Strategy can pressure opponents in dealing with those spawned Barbarians. With the Tombstone and the Pekka, it is possible to finish a tower in no time.

This Goblin Barrel & Huts Deck Combo Works Great for Clash Royale's Arena 4!


Don't have a Dragon or Prince card up until this moment? How about trying this swarm deck, Chief?

Partnering the Barbarian Hut with other Huts troops and the Goblin Barrel can both surprise and pressure the enemy. Either he faces you or have a tower destroyed.

How to Counter The Barbarian Hut:


First, my current favorite card in the game right now, the Giant Skeleton. The first time I saw this guy, I was on the receiving end of its attacks. And I hated it. With an HP of 1600, it's hard not to throw everything one has at it. Make your opponents curse your name by sending this card out against a Barbarian Hut. One of the best things about it is after being destroyed, it leaves behind a bomb that does area damage. So even if the creature's attack don't destroy the hut, the bomb it carries sure will.

Next, we have the Rocket. It's just a giant wooden rocket made of wooden planks... filled with gunpowder. Shoot this at a Barbarian Hut as your ground forces close in and the building won't stand a remote chance of generating any more allies for your opponent. It's also an equal elixir tradeoff; both units cost 7 elixirs.

The Prince is a good card for rushing at the enemy unexpectedly when they put something down such as a Barbarian Hut. Able to double his base attack of 220 while charging, you can rip enemy units and buildings to shreds.

Short of placing the hut behind one's own towers, it will be nearly impossible to defend. Use the Baby Dragon to avoid melee enemies and go straight in for the kill. Even if the dragon is beaten trying to take out the Barbarian Hut, the damage resulting from its attack will keep the building from existing for very long.

If you're still stuck with Minions, don't worry. They can fly and have a fast attack speed. It's a good thing Barbarians can't kill them. With three of them having an attack of 40 each, they are another great card for making short work of the enemy hut.

Decks that can counter the Barbarian Hut:

How to Counter Huts Deck


Getting annoyed by those pesky Huts in Clash Royale? Here's some tips and tricks on how to counter them.

While the Huts deck is extremely popular, it is also extremely hated by many. The trick here is not to get pressured with just one Hut down, but never forget to not let them build all those up.

Arena 5 Rocket Punch Deck to Push Trophies and Obliterate Opponents Quickly!


With its high damage, you can almost do anything with the Rocket. Deny your opponent on Clash Royale with the opportunity to push.

Its Barbarian vs Barbarian in this deck. Use the Rocket to kill those huts and never let them build those all up.

Related Barbarian Hut Guides:

Huts Deck Strategy


Huts are great on mostly everything. They provide troops to defend, attack, and everything. Check out this deck that utilize the two huts, Goblin and Barbarian huts!

Of all the Huts, it's the Barbarian Hut that spawns the strongest units. Utilize the Barbarians and the other spawns in this one of a kind deck that is polarizing the Clash Royale community.

Clash Royale Arena 4 Deck Strategy


Having a hard time building decks in arena 4? You may want to look at these great Clash Royale decks.

Barbarian Hut

In this Arena 4 Deck Strategy, the Barbarian Hut is used in combination with the Spear Goblin Hut to put pressure on a single side of the field.

Clash Royale's Goblin Barrel Deck Strategy in Arena 3 and above!


Goblin Barrel spawns jolly Goblins that you can flare anywhere inside the arena, and they might be the missing piece to your deck combination.

Wizard Barbarian Hut

Check out this strategy where the Wizard card aids in the defense of the Barbarian Hut and the allies that spawn from it.

Barbarian Hut Baby Dragon Minions Prince

The easiest way to defeat the Barbarian Hut is definitely with flying cards. Baby Dragon and Minions are great, and if those units get too distracted, send in the Prince for an easy kill. I hope taking a look at this guide helped give you ideas. Try out the cards mentioned here and let us know how that goes!



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