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One Sparky is just too much to handle, how about countering two Sparkys at the same time? We will teach you how!


Sparky is one of the three newest Legendary Card they brought in the game. Its massive DPS can do a double shot to any perfectly good tower and can do splash DPS on any troop and destroy it almost completely! This is such a strong card and if you don't know how to counter it, you are doomed.



One Sparky is enough to send chills to your spine, but double Sparkys are too much! Each of the Sparkys possesses 1,300 damage at level 1 and multiply that in two for two Sparkys!

Card Profile:

2016-05-03-03-32-10-2.jpg Sparky
Everything you need to know about this destroyer! Its 1200 HP and 1300 AoE damage is something that you really need to know more!

Popular Sparky Decks:

2016-05-04-05-11-08-maxresdefault__9_.jpg Sparky Spam Deck For Arena 6 For A Sure Win!
Want to have two or more Sparkys and win the game? This deck will help you achieve that.
2016-05-06-02-29-46-sparkyminer_arena_6.png Sparky + Miner Deck For Arena 6 & Above!
Bringing two out of three of the Legendary Cards together to provide doom against your enemy's towers!
2016-05-10-10-19-48-sparkygolemwiz.png Overpowered Golem Sparky Wizard Deck for Arena 6
By having a Golem to attract your enemy troops and having the Wizard to cast spells against incoming units, your Sparky is free to do massive damage!

How to Counter 2 Sparkys:


You can definitely choose between two spells: Zap or Freeze but we'd prefer the Zap spell since it is cheaper and will reset the Sparky's 5 second charging time.

You can start by dropping your Three Musketeers near your King Tower, same lane as the Sparky. Put the Goblins as bait and so the Sparky will aim at them and clear them out making your Three Musketeers enough time to get rid of the first Sparky. The second Sparky you can get rid of by using the Zap spell to reset its charging time and using your Guards. Once the Sparky already took a shot of your Guards they will just lose their shields and the Sparky again will do its charge time of 5 seconds leaving enough time for your undefended Guards to do their work.

Note: Yes, you can still use air troops such as Minions and Minion Horde but they can be easily arrowed down.

Decks That Can Counter 2 Sparkys:

2016-04-20-09-29-09-3muskpekka.jpg Three Musketeers + PEKKA Deck For Arena 8
With the massive firepower of the Three Musketeers plus the range of the Princess 2 Sparkys can be a no match. Add the Goblins + Freeze spell for that sure combo.
2016-04-20-06-36-33-fastcycle.jpg Fast Cycle Deck For Arena 8
The Zap spell plus Goblins can easily get rid of the first Sparky and leave the second Sparky to the Minions.
2016-05-31-10-06-31-hog_guards.png Guards + Hog Rider Deck Arena 7 & 8
Almost everything you need to destroy 2 Sparkys are here on this deck. Zap, Guards and Minions can take care of both of it in a flash.

Related Guides and Strategies:

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2016-06-26-11-47-31-1.jpg How to Counter Splash Damagers
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2016-06-07-03-49-50-how_to_properly_use_zap.jpg How to Properly Use Zap
Since you will be needing to use the Zap spell most of the time, you will need to know how to properly use it! In this article, we'll teach you how to use it on defense, offense, and special situations.


No need to fret just in case you saw double Sparkys. You just need to relax and don't be a "happy clicker". Think before deploying your troops. This guide will let you know how you can edit your deck just in case you are facing a lot of Sparkys in the Clash Royale Arena.

We hope this helps! Have fun!

Special thanks to GAMINGwithMOLT for showing it on Youtube on how he faced 2 maxed Sparkys! More power to you man!

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Last modified: 6,01,2017



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