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The fate of every battle relies on Elixirs. The lack of it can contribute to a great disadvantage, and that's why you should learn more about it.

As with any game, there is a certain bar that you should constantly be wary of. Clash Royale's Elixir is pretty much similar to Mana Points common in RPGs. Without it, you cannot deploy troops and basically, it will result to an immediate loss, especially in the fast-paced battle system of this game.

We would like to introduce a concept that many new players may not be familiar with, yet will contribute greatly to one's chance of winning battles more frequently.

Elixir Advantage:

Learning how to use your Elixirs efficiently will prove quite helpful in gaining the upper hand in every battle. Having more Elixirs than your opponent allows you to deploy more troops, both for defending your towers and attacking theirs.

Here are the things you have to consider when aiming for an Elixir Advantage:


1. Countering

Never counter a low-Elixir enemy with a high-Elixir one.

For example, if you spend five elixir countering enemies that cost four or less elixir, you allow the other player to build up a "surplus" that they can use to pump out extra units later in the game.

2. Tune Your Deck

In building your deck, remember to use cards that have low Elixir cost, but are still both durable and can deal a significant amount of damage. The articles below can serve as models for building an Elixir-efficient deck of your own.

Easily Push to Arena 4 With this Low Elixir Deck


Tired of getting beaten all the time in arena 4? You don't have any strong or epic cards? Well, we have the best deck for you my friends.

This beginner-friendly deck does not feature any Epic or Legendary card. Instead, it uses the Barbarians as its centerpiece, which is then supported by Troops like Goblins and Minions. However, it takes patience since you're aiming for a slow but steady win.

Low Elixir Deck for Arena 5


Are you having a hard time dealing with enemies in Arena 5? Well, here is a deck you may want to try.

This deck focuses on control and defense. Again, patience is the key here since you'll have to wait until your opponent has exhausted all his Elixirs before letting your Tank out.

A Low-Elixir Goblin + Freeze Spell Combo for Winning Trophies in Arena 6!


In this Goblin deck, you will see how Freeze Spell perfectly fits with these Green Guys!

The above deck combines the Goblins with the Freeze spell to make an unstoppable force. While the former focuses on dealing damage on the Towers, the latter prevents opponent Troops from countering these attacks.

3. To Wait or Not To Wait

Many of our low-Elixir strategy guides emphasize the importance of waiting until your opponent makes a move. However, some advanced players recommend otherwise.

If you ever have 10 elixir at your disposal, your bar stops filling up. As a result, you're missing out on elixir you could spend. If your opponent takes the wait and see approach, that's all the better for you, as you'll gain elixir advantage right away, despite the fact that they're trying to even the odds by strategically countering you.

In the end, it's still your choice whether to wait or not. You'll also need some hint of luck, that you opponent starts the game with a high-Elixir Troop that can easily be countered.


4. Proactive Cards

In the article below, we discussed what Proactive Cards are and how they can benefit you in battle. You may want to use cards that can't be taken down that easily. They need to reach the Towers and deal a great amount of damage as well. This way, you are not wasting any Elixir since your Troops are able to fulfill their purpose before they are destroyed.

What are Proactive Cards


How to control the game from the start? Then these type of cards are what you should always have in your deck.

5. Counting Elixirs

All of the above tips fall into one place: counting. Most players strive to maintain a 3.5-4.5 average Elixir cost in the entire match, so there is a need to count each Elixir you use whenever you deploy a card.


Generally a good rule how to count, is to see the amount of units he used, and the amount of units you used to defend against his troops and see who came out ahead, plus add a few elixir on top of that because it already generated while you guys were duking it out, that should give you a pretty good [estimation] of how much elixir both of you have.

On the other hand, some players prefer not to count Elixirs throughout the game.

For example if you play a fireball to counter a minion horde and hog push or a barbs and hog push, you've spent 4 elixir and they spent 9. Because they just spent 9, they are relatively low on elixir, and you gained 5 elixir from that trade. You can keep this in mind in your next push, knowing they have 5 less elixir to counter than you do to create a push.

How about you? What are the strategies you employ in making an Elixir Advantage? Share your Clash Royale tips with us!



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