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Stylish, sassy, and skilled, the Princess can deal quite a lot of damage against your Crown Towers. But she isn't something to fear..


As the lovely daughter of the King, the Princess must have undergone rigorous archery training, and that is why she has an amazing range and a powerful splash damage. Her fire arrows can reach your opponent's towers even if she is still on your side of the Arena. Still, she can be considered as a "damsel in distress" due to her low HP.



As a Legendary card, she has quite a lot of advantage in the battlefield. Deploying the Princess early in the game can give you the upper hand since she can target Crown Towers, as well as clean the Arena of those menacing Swarm troops such as the Goblins and the Skeleton Army with her Area Damage. With a very low Elixir cost, players can immediately summon a Tank or even Mirror her in order to save her from the opponent's counters.

How To Counter The Princess:


Due to her very low HP, the Princess can easily be countered by any card, be it a troop, a spell, or a building. However, the most efficient and Elixir-friendly way to defeat her is to erect a Tesla Tower in the middle of the Arena. This is because while it is still hiding, the Princess cannot attack it. She will automatically be lured by this defensive building while her health is being slowly zapped by it. And when she's been dealt with, the Tesla will continue to guard your towers for you while your other troops make their way to victory.

If you don't have the Tesla just yet, you can rely on beginner spells such as the Arrow, the Fireball, and the Goblin Barrel. It's highly recommended that you do not use max out Arrows card, for it will be useless against a Level 5 Princess.

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While the Princess can serve as your opponent's winning card toward the latter part of the match, she isn't that difficult to put down so you shouldn't fret when she gets summoned in the Arena. What you have to consider is how you can conserve your Elixir, deal with her, and protect your towers all at the same time.



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