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The mortar may be able to deliver long range devastation to the enemy, but it still can't hit the stuff in the air.

Mortar Overview:

The Mortar is a devastating attack tower if used properly. It has a very large range compared to other similar cards. If deployed in the proper area, it can be the player's "trump card." Fortunately for those of us who do not have it, it's easy to take it out from above. What it possesses in range, though, it lacks in close combat.



With a range of 12, the Mortar is the only defensive building whose attack spans the whole field. If placed directly on the center row, it can hit a tower from its location. It also possesses an Area Damage rating of 120 at the lowest level, letting it take out small groups at long range.

Mortar Profile:

The Clash Royale Mortar Guide


The Mortar is becoming a popular choice in the higher level arenas in Clash Royale. Learn more about it here.

Popular Mortar Decks:

Mortar Deck Strategy Guide for Arena 6 and Above


If you plan to use the mortar strategy in Clash Royale, make sure to know when you think you can win and analyze if it's time to push for a draw.

Using the tactics of other defensive building in conjunction with the Mortar, it is protected as it focuses on destroying towers. This is a very interesting strategy that requires great patience.

Hog Rider + Mortar Deck for Arena 6 & Above


So you have seen a lot of Hog + Freeze combo in the upper arenas, how about switching Freeze to Mortar for more fun and trophies?

With the Mortar delivering long range damage, your opponent won't be able to focus on Hog Rider without completely ignoring the hell raining down on their defenseless towers.

How to Counter Mortar:

2016-05-05-09-21-20-Mortar_Counter_Deck.PNG Here are the troops that can efficiently take the Mortar down:

Mini P.E.K.K.A - This is one card that is safe to use if the Mortar is already at the center line of the battlefield. Take advantage of the super high attack and demolish that defense tower before it can take you out.

Goblin Barrel - Probably one of the best solutions to the long-range cannon is this little bugger here. Tossing this to the Mortar will deal a small amount of damage on impact.  And when it cracks open, the Goblins inside will be right in the building. Just pray your opponent doesn't have or has already used his Arrows.

Prince - His charge ability will help close the gap between him and the Mortar . Being one of the strongest melee cards in the game, it can take out the opponent's Mortar all on its own.

Skeleton Army - I would love to have these guys on my deck. They have a great attack speed as a group and might be able to take out an enemy Mortar before it can ever get a shot out.

Goblins - One of my favorites for going after deployed buildings. Super high movement and attack speed. It will definitely do the job, with the right escort.

Balloon - The building can't attack from the air, so why not send something that never touches the ground? Even if it's taken out, the bomb will blast the Mortar.

Minion Horde - A large group of 6 Minions. Some would call sending them out overkill. But, when it comes to your own defense, why not?

Baby Dragon - Oh yes. This is one card I always have on my deck, and I love the destruction it causes as it flies at the enemy.

Decks That Can Counter The Mortar:

Balloon Freeze Strategy For Arena 5 & Above


Looking for an alternative way of using your Freeze Spell? How about trying an air troop as your main card?

This deck will make certain your opponent has no chance to use their Mortar. If they deploy anything before you do, hit the Freeze Spell over the defense building and unleash the Minion Horde.

P.E.K.K.A + Freeze Deck in Arena 6 For Overwhelming Opponents


P.E.K.K.A is one of the most frightening units in Clash Royale. Freeze, on the other hand, is one of the most popular spell cards right now for stopping opponents. We built a deck around these two cards.

Overwhelming an opponent is always fun. Using the Freeze Spell once again, it is a guaranteed way to get to the Mortar tower without a problem.

Related Mortar Guides:

Mortar Deck Strategy Guide for Arena 8 — Legendary Arena


In the Legendary Arena where the skilled players reside, your Clash Royale mortar deck still has its place on this field.

This guide will show you how to properly use the Mortar through Arena 8.

Despite the possibility of a match going completely sideways if the Mortar is dropped in the wrong spot, this sounds like a very efficient and technical card. The range makes it great for taking out towers deployed by an opponent attempting to create choke points. What do the fans think of this card?



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