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How can you win against a flying tanker with 2900 HP? How can you win against its spawns after it dies?


Early this May, Clash Royale introduced a new tanker, the Lava Hound. A flying tanker. With 2900 HP, it is certainly a killer than the humble Giant with only 2000 HP. It also spawns six Lava Pups that eliminates anything that comes their way.

We'll teach you how to win against this flying mammoth!



The Lava Hound's 2900 HP is absolutely its greatest strength. It also spawns six Lava Pups once he's brought down! Though these Lava Pups deal greater DPS (damage per second) than the Lava Hound, it can be easily eliminated. However, It is still unquestionably something to watch out for.

The Lava Hound is also an aerial troop. Ground Troops like the P.E.K.K.A won't be able to do anything.

How To Counter The Lava Hound:

1. Inferno Tower

With its ability to lure and do damage against flying troops, the Inferno Tower is number 1 on our list. It will lure the Lava Hound right in the middle of the arena to do damage and be marked by your tower archers.

2. Minion Horde' / Minions / Baby Dragon

Since Lava Hounds are always locked on to a building / tower, the Minion Horde / Minions / or Baby Dragon are great counters for him too! They will tear him apart in no time. Watch out for the Lava Pups, though!

3. Ranged troops

These ranged troops, like the Musketeer, Wizard, Three Musketeers, Archers, and Ice Wizard can engage the Lava Hound from afar. Let's just hope they get rid of him before he reaches your building / tower!

4. Rocket

Because of this spell's high damage among all other spells, it got the last spot in countering this flying tanker. Even though it will not eliminate the Lava Hound even on level 10 (1631 damage), it will certainly be manageable enough for your Archers or Spear Goblins to take out.

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The Clash Royale Lava Hound Guide


The Lava Hound takes tanking to a whole new level, literally on a higher level.

Just in case you are fortunate to obtain a Lava Hound, this article will teach you more about this brutal flying tanker. It will also cover its weakness, among others.

Lavaloon Deck - Arena 7 and 8


The most-loved air combo from Clash of Clans is now possible in Clash Royale! Have you tried using the Lava Hound? Here is a great deck introduced by a clasher and the result is fantastic!

Want to build a Clash Royale deck with a Lava Hound? Forrest will teach you this Lavaloon Deck that is best for Arena 7 & 8. It's a guaranteed complete destruction with this Lava Hound + Balloon combo!

As a new tanker, the Clash Royale Lava Hound unmistakably caught the attention of a lot of Clashers since he might show up on any - ANY chests in Arena 4 and above. Having him on a deck can be a problem to your enemy since he is a Legendary card. Countering him can be a headache too, but with this guide we hope you'll survive any Lava Hound attack!

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017



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