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Halt your enemy's wrongdoing! Let the Electro Wizard spreads doom everywhere in the arena!
Let us teach you how to counter it!


Be electrified by the latest legendary unit introduced in the arena, the Electro Wizard! A lot of players acquired him early, making it a challenge for clashers to counter it effectively. Worry not! Because we are going to introduce some tips and tricks in defeating the Wizard and Ice Wizard’s brother in this featured article.

You ready?


How to Counter the Electro Wizard:

Countering this new unit is fairly easy. A single Fireball can kill him instantly, but still depends on the level of the said spell and the Electro Wizard. Here are some other cards you can use to counter this legendary card.

Counter Cards for Electro Wizard:

Knowing that his HP is decent enough to deal with, using spells and other units are viable in stopping the Electro Wizard. He can only attack two targets at a time. This means, letting him attack a single target in some situations is a big NO.

A level 1 Electro Wizard holds 200 damage. When he attacks a single unit, it will receive its full damage. That’s why it will be a trouble, especially if it reaches and attacks your tower. This attack, however, can be split into two. All you need is to drop a troop/building to cut its damage into two targets.

Low Elixir Cost Counter Cards:

These cards are some of the great counters for the Electro Wizard. The Fireball can knock it down in a single shot. The Ice Golem will serve as a decoy to for its deadly attack towards your tower or counter units. The Skarmy is the best way to kill this unit quick. 

The Ice Golem and Skeleton Army are also a great distraction, especially, if your enemy tries to pull or make a squad that is difficult to deal with (e.g Giant Spawner combo, etc). 

Fireball Ice Golem Skeleton Army
fireball.png HGGkvuJ.jpg skeleton_army.png

Average - High Elixir Cost Counter Cards:

Though these cards are not recommended for quick annihilation, this might be useful in a tight game. The cards introduced can be useful if you are running a battle smoothly or if the x2 elixir starts. Again, these are some units that can be used if you have enough elixir and ready to make a counter push afterwards.

Minion Horde Barbarians Elite Barbarians
minion_horde.png barbarians.png elite_barbarians.png

Some Other Counter Cards:

Here are some other cards you can use in countering the Electro Wizard. These require some wise timing in deploying. Place down these troops behind the Electro Wizard. They might be stun for a few seconds, but they will surely kill the legendary unit depending on the situation.

Knight Mini P.E.K.K.A Valkyrie LumberJack
knight.png mini_PEKKA.png valkyrie.png LumberJack.png

Decks that can Counter the Electro Wizard:


Elite Barbarians Tornado Hog Cycle Deck for Arena 8 Above


Graveyard Freeze Deck Arena 8 and Above


Skarmy Hound Miner Deck Arena 7 Above


Graveyard Bowler Deck Arena 8 Above

Clone Spell Deck Strategies:


Having the Electro Wizard on board is a great thing if you love playing with the Legendaries. The fairness of its ability is what players are looking for. This unit is a support and attacker at the same time. A great deal for clashers who are planning to create a deck that needs a card possessing a power of two cards.

Can this unit be included in the future metas in the game? Share us your thoughts below! Also, if you got any other cards to counter this unit, don’t hesitate to leave a message in our comment section below!

Article written by Forrest

Last modified: 6, 01, 2017



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