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Hog Rider is usually paired with a Freeze Spell but this time we'll share you this Hog + Prince Deck that will fast track you to victory.

Overview and Strength:

The Hog Rider is usually partnered with the Freeze Spell in Arena 4 and above. But if you don't have a Freeze spell, then how about partnering the Hog with the Prince? With each of them riding their preferred mode of transportation, these two cards are really something to try out.

As we searched through the net, we found an answer from EvenMadderBomber on Reddit. He shares with us the deck that made us curious, the Hog + Prince Deck. And since we are dedicated in sharing new information to our readers, this one is for you.

The Hog Rider's speed and focus on every Tower / Building is not something to disregard. Once you see him coming you cram on what troop to counter him right away because he can be really destructive.

The Prince's fast throttle can harm anything that will stand in his way. He can also chop off a huge HP on any Crown/King Tower.

All in all, these two are massive in giving offense and pushing. This will be the strength of the deck.

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Hog + Prince Deck for Arena 5:

Spear Goblins Barbarians Musketeer Zap
spear_goblins.png barbarians.png musketeer.png zap.png
Arrows Prince Hog Rider Baby Dragon
arrows.png prince.png hog_rider.png baby_dragon.png

Card Roles:

Arrows: With a huge AoE (Area of Effect), the Arrows are great against Minion Hordes and Skeleton Armies.

Baby Dragon: The tanker of the group. Aside from that, he can also provide cover for any troop behind him since he also does AoE.

Barbarians: Your ultimate defense card. They will hack down any incoming high damage troop coming your way.

Hog Rider: The bread and butter of this deck. It locks in a tower and destroys it fast.

Musketeer: Because of her range and firepower, she is equipped to bring down aerial troops and enemies from a distance.

Prince: With his fast push, he can definitely break down a tower, provided you support his against his flaws. You can use him for split pushing; Deploy the Hog + Musketeer on the other lane. Once your enemy puts down a defense, whip out your Prince on the other.

Spear Goblins: For a 2 Elixir card, they can back up any troop and can also do defense at your base. Watch out for your enemy's AoE troops though because they have a low HP.

Zap: This 2 Elixir Spell card can bring down any low HP troop and can also stun your enemy's AoE unit.

Battle Strategy:

Since your main units are pretty beefy, you have to wait until you have full elixir. At max, start off by pulling out your Baby Dragon at the farthest lane and wait until he is near the bridge. Pull out your Hog Rider and put him at the back of your Baby Dragon. This time, your opponent will definitely counter the cards with all their might. If you already have enough Elixir, put your Prince at the other lane to split push! Have your Zap ready just in case your enemy still retaliates.

On the 2-minute mark, save up on Elixir again because your enemy will surely try to push. Always counter them with Barbs and Spear Gobs.

During the 2x Elixir crunch time, have another push ready. This time, do not split push. Choose a lane and aim for the King Tower after the Crown Tower goes down. If you need defense, use your Barbs to counter trespassers at your turf. Once you have enough Elixir, go back to your chosen lane and add the Prince to finish the game and earn you Three Crowns for victory.


Since it is lacking in AoE troops, it is weak against Hut/Spawner Decks. It is not equipped with a Fireball or a Bomber. Since the Prince can be easily distracted, have Spear Gobs ready for support so your Prince will hit the target. Use the Baby Dragon when dealing with swarms.

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Last modified: 12, 09, 2017

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