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So you have seen a lot of Hog + Freeze combo in the upper arenas, how about switching Freeze to Mortar for more fun and trophies?


Thinking that you saw enough Hog Rider deck from the previous guides? How about checking this strong deck we discovered that can help you push trophies starting from Arena 6 with the help of the Mortar.   With its fair damage, your enemy will feel anxious throughout the game by this pretty weird set of cards.



Deck Strength:

This type of deck is kind of nasty and annoying if you played against, but very useful if you use it instead. With the help of your Mortar, you can wreck the closest tower that you are trying to target within the first two minutes of the game, giving you advantage to either demolish again another tower or just stay in the defensive strategy to secure victory.

Hog Mortar Deck Arena 6 & Above:

Hog Rider Mortar Barbarians Musketeer
hog_rider.png mortar.png barbarians.png musketeer.png
Spear Goblins Goblins Fireball Arrows
spear_goblins.png goblins.png fireball.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider - Serves as your main troop card in this set. Once your Mortar has been placed to wreck a building card hindering the way to reach directly a certain tower, your Hog Rider will do his job bashing a defenseless tower afterwards. Due to his bulky HP and speed, he can temporarily hold himself from low-cost counter troops that will stop him.
  • Mortar - This building card will play a very vital role in your deck being your irritating card to confuse and bother your opponent’s original battle strategy. Using the Mortar, you can make them focus on it giving your other troops an opportunity to move freely in some situations.
  • Barbarians - These Barbarians can stop and kill any incoming ground troops that will try to diminish your Mortar as early as possible. Let your opponent drop their troop first before you cast them to make sure you can counter them and buy time. If an air troop has been dropped, try to use your range-type troop or just throw your spell cards, if needed.
  • Musketeer - She might be a single-target troop, but we can assure that every bullet she produced from her gun will severely damage a troop or building on sight. Make sure to place her in a good spot to avoid any counter that she may receive from your opponent.
  • Spear Goblins - With a very cheap elixir cost, these Goblins will buy you time if needed, especially against some huge HP troops like PEKKA or Skeleton Skill. They can even make a difference on your enemy’s troop if dropped in a secure area.
  • Goblins - Can be a very handy card against beefy tanks who focuses on buildings like Giants or Golem. Their damage is one of a kind, gaining their popularity in higher arenas. 
  • Fireball - This spell card can critically damage a bunch of troops or any building cards decreasing the power that they got. Fireball is handy in times of trouble especially when being wrecked or can also be used in winning a single crown in an overtime game.
  • Arrows - Just like the Fireball, Arrows can change a game’s results in some situations. Arrows might not be as powerful as the Fireball, but can eliminate the Princess or a horde of low HP troops if the level of it is high enough.

Battle Strategy:

In the first run of the game, you can always drop your Hog Rider to pressure the opponent to reveal his card. This gives you a visual look of their cards early and also time to think how to counter them. If a set of Barbarians with long-range troops is coming to wreck your base after their defense, drop your Fireball to severely damage those and prepare to drop your Barbarians next. By this, you did not just weaken his push combo, but you can turn it as your offensive move to crush their tower. Be careful in dropping your next troops to avoid distraction if your opponent brought a building card to snatch your troops’ attention.

In the next minute of the game, we will assume that they have revealed all their cards already and the next thing you need to do is how to properly utilize your Mortar. If building cards like Tesla or Goblin Hut is visible in the opponent’s lair, you can drop your Mortar somewhere near the middle of the river to see how they will react and stop it. What is good in this deck is that either of your Hog Rider or Mortar will destroy a building card in the way, giving either of the two the chance to freely hit a crown tower. Try to penetrate the game by dropping these 2 at the right moment.

If you decided to drop your Mortar, always make sure to have an extra elixir to guard it. You can use your Barbarians to attack ground troops while Musketeer or Spear Goblins if air troops are on site. If there is no time, use your Fireball and Arrows to quickly eliminate those counter troops on the spot.

In the last minute of the game, try to continue in distracting your opponent and just focus in a crown tower which has a low health. This is to maintain the pressure you need to displease your enemy. Once you successfully wreck a tower, switch your mortar from offense to defense and try your best to protect your tower at all cost to get those trophies for this game.

Deck Weakness:

Though there is a great chance to simply wreck those building cards available in the enemy’s, there are also situations that you will have a difficulty in facing bulky troops like the PEKKA, Golem, or Giant. Their HPs are too high so ignoring them is not a good option. We recommend that even in the first run of the game, you must use your Mortar as your defense card supporting it with your troops. Drop them in different locations to avoid direct contact from any spell cards, and make your Hog Rider the main demolisher of the crown tower.


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Video Gameplay:

Clash Royale Mortar Hog Deck Guide | Easy Deck for Arena 6 and 7!

Source: Jonnygoinham

In Closing:

Running a Hog deck with no Freeze spell will be a pain in the deck at first, but if you analyze this set of cards clearly with some few practices, you can break those who will stop you in the upper league. Are you up for a new challenge, Chief?



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