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Here comes a Hog Rider deck with the help of the Giant Skeleton's power; wrecking and kicking effectively from Arena 5 to 7.


The power of the Hog Rider is immeasurable, especially if paired with the right troops. This deck is from Ash, a trusted clasher, who challenged his subscribers by showcasing the capability of this particular set of cards. In this deck introduction, we will provide some good points on how to play it excellently and effectively.

Deck Strength:

An epic battle awaits after unveiling the fatal combo of the Hog + Giant Skeleton. The Giant Skeleton can provide the defense that the Hog Rider needs throughout the game. This kind of deck can deal smoothly with any spawner decks through the help of the other cards blending perfectly with your main cards in the game. This deck is also very good in defense and will let you deal fairly against Balloon, Hog Rider, or Giant, canceling their direct attack to your crown towers.

Hog Rider + Giant Skeleton Deck Arena 5 & Above:

Hog Rider Giant Skeleton Witch Minion Horde
hog_rider.png giant_skeleton.png witch.png minion_horde.png
Spear Goblins Skeletons Barbarian Hut Zap
spear_goblins.png skeletons.png barbarian_hut.png zap.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider: Your main destroyer in the game that can deal a lot of damage even if he smashes a tower alone. Pair him with some low-cost elixir troops to provide more damage in a tower.
  • Giant Skeleton: Its HP and feature are two of a kind, providing a very nice combo with the Hog Rider. It works well against swarm troops for its bomb will explode after death. It can also deal severe damage to towers.
  • Witch: Its base damage might not be as strong as the other troops available in-game, but her versatility makes her an ideal part of every deck. The Witch can attack both air and ground, and can spawn skeletons over time. She can deal with any kind of troops so dropping her behind your Giant Skeleton or Hog Rider will be needed for her skill to be used in full extent.
  • Minion Horde: Best used against Giants, PEKKA or Golem. These flying monsters can deal a lot of damage if left ignored. You can also utilize them against any long-range attackers. Beware in Arrows or Wizard for they can be killed instantly.
  • Spear Goblins and Skeletons: These troops can be used as a distraction to any incoming troops in your lair. By this, you can buy time and gain help from your crown towers to defeat any of those pesky troops. They can also be paired with the Hog Rider acting as a support to create more damage against a tower.
  • Barbarian Hut: Will help you defend your base and spawn Barbarians at the same time. Placing it in the center of your base will be a good move to attract attention to any incoming troops. The Barbarians will also help your Hog Rider to somehow advance and reach a chosen tower once it has been built.
  • Zap: The blow that this spell can give is just enough to critically damage any counter that will stop your troops from wrecking down a tower. Its mini stun is very useful giving an extra second to attack a certain target. 

Clash Royale Strategy:

First up, drop your Barbarian Hut. Let your Barbarians run in a specific lane while waiting for your opponent to make its first move. When he tried to stop your Barbarians, let your Giant Skeleton run in the opposite lane and support it with any of your Skeletons or Spear Goblins

Utilizing your Minion Horde in some situations might be hard. If a Wizard is in the opponent’s deck, wait for it to lock its attention to a tower or high HP troop before dropping them to avoid a direct hit. This also applies against the Witch or the Baby Dragon.

When defending, drop your Skeletons or Spear Goblins in the middle part of your base to call the attention of any incoming troops. Use your Witch if needed especially against swarm troops. Once you successfully defended your base, drop your Hog Rider in your chosen lane and drop your Goblins and Skeletons behind him. 

You can also use your Giant Skeleton by dropping it first, then let go your Hog Rider behind it. Support them with the Witch for splash damage. Repeat the strategy until you knock down a tower. If you gain the first crown, you must now play the game defensively. Do not let your opponent reach your tower or severely damage it to secure victory.

Deck Weakness:

This deck might find difficulty in dealing with a building type of deck and also in a deck that contains a Goblin Barrel. There are times that your opponent will be sneaky. They will wait for your Zap to be used and other troops to run in a lane before throwing their barrel in your tower. Overall, this deck is strong and dropping your troops at the right time will let you win many matches.

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To be honest, this kind of deck is near perfect for it supports each other evenly. If played wisely, this deck will let you bag trophies not only in Arena 5 but also in the higher arenas. The Hog Rider is one of the most popular cards in the game right now and anytime soon, just like the X-Bow, it might be nerfed due to its power. As a Hog Rider deck fan, I hope this will not happen.

Special thanks to Ash for this deck!

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Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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