Don't have the Freeze Spell, yet? We have another deck for the most beloved Hog riding guy that can be effective as early as Arena 4!


Running a Hog Rider deck without a Freeze Spell might be hard, but possible! Yes, Chief! In this article switched the Freeze Spell with the Lightning Spell with the help of the Cannon and some cheap elixir troops. We can confirm that this can truly help you bag trophies as early as Arena 4.


Deck Strength:

With the power that your spell cards possess, your Hog Rider can still wreck that tower easily. Your other troop cards will be the ones who are going to penetrate the game by defending your towers. Any enemy cannot reach a crown tower easily and before that happens, they were usually shut down already. This deck blends on how your Hog Rider must play his game so not having a Freeze Spell is not a problem at all!

Hog Rider + Cannon Deck:

Hog Rider Cannon Fireball Lightning
hog_rider.png cannon.png fireball.png lightning.png
Archers Minion Horde Spear Goblins Arrows
archers.png minion_horde.png spear_goblins.png arrows.png

Card Roles:

  • Minion Horde - Your air defender. The Minion Horde can also be used in knocking down any Building Cards your opponent dropped. Very effective in dealing with beefy tanks such as Giant, PEKKA or Giant Skeleton. Be aware in those Arrows!
  • Cannon - This building card will serve as your defender and also for offensive purposes. Ultimate stopper for Golems, Dark Princes or Balloons. At the last minute of the game, your Cannon can distract any troops buying you time to wipe them out. Best used against Hog Rider, as well.
  • Fireball - Can diminish any incoming troops or can severely damage any huts around. You can also utilize this while pushing, clearing the way for your troops.
  • Arrows - Useful in killing any swarm troops. Arrows are very handy in almost any situation. This is mostly used against low HP troops and can even demolish a dying tower. One of the most popular card in higher arenas, upgrading them is important at some point.
  • Archers - Can deal a fair damage and can give constant pressure to your opponent by becoming your Hog’s back-up. Pair them with the Spear Goblins to simply kill a Hog Rider or Giant Skeleton. Placing them in the right place is important. Avoid any splash damage like Wizard or Witch.
  • Spear Goblins - Very cheap but can cost a good damage over time. Pair them with your Archers for greater damage.
  • Lightning - Huts and troops eliminator. Can also be used to support your Hog Rider while bashing a specific tower. This spell is really strong and that can be handy especially against a building card deck.
  • Hog Rider - Tower destroyer. Handle him with care. Spamming him might be a good idea, but make sure that you utilize him accordingly. Excessive use of elixir might lead you to loss.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the match, drop Archers or Spear Goblins in your chosen lane to trigger your opponent to make a move. Your move will be based on your opponent’s action. Your deck does not hold any tank troops to hold any incoming troops aside from your Cannon. Your cannon will serve as your base’s main stopper.

If a Balloon, Prince, or PEKKA is coming, drop the cannon in the middle part of your lair to buy time. After that, drop your Minion Horde to stop them in a matter of seconds. The Lightning Spell can also be useful but just make sure to drop them wisely. This spell is kind of tricky. But with just a few practice, you can utilize this in full extent. Your two cheap cards- Archers and Spear Goblins are handy in any situations during the game.

In the middle of the match, we assume you already created the right strategy to counter your opponent’s deck. Any low-cost elixir troops must be spread out as much as possible to avoid any incoming Arrows or Fireball. Let your Hog do the job. However, before you drop him, try to confuse your opponent in dropping your Minion Horde with/without Spear Goblins or Archers. Wait until they cast their Arrows or Fireball. If done successfully, drop your Hog Rider in your chosen lane, pair him with any of your available troops for support. Prepare your Arrows or Fireball for countering purposes. Always try to counter your opponent’s move but always be careful in using your Elixir.

If you wrecked a tower before the 60-second mark, switch to defense immediately. By this, you can assure victory, bring home those trophies and advance to the next battle.

Deck Weakness:

Without a beefy tank that can stop any incoming swarm troops, you will have a difficulty if your enemy keeps pressuring you. He might pressure by not letting the Hog Rider get away.

We recommend you to use as low elixir as possible when stopping an enemy’s move. With that strategy, you can somehow conserve your elixir to make a countermove in the next wave. As always, a Hog Rider deck must get an early lead to ensure victory in the game. Try to get a crown in the first two minutes of the game.

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Clash Royale - Best Hog Rider Deck and Attack Strategy | Clash Royale Strategy with Hog Rider Card

Source: Ash - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale

In Closing:

The Hog Rider deck is one of the most popular decks being utilized by most of the players in the higher arenas. Facing a Hog Rider deck will be a challenge but outsmarting them as much as you can will help you out to defeat them.  Special thanks to Ash - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale for the featured deck today!


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