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We have found a great deck utilizing your Hog Rider and Barbarians as early as Arena 4!


The ever popular Hog Rider is available in Arena 4 and utilizing it properly is a must. Check how this deck was played giving a great chance for players to reach Arena 5 in no time.


Deck Strength:

This set of cards can counter a spawner deck fairly due to the immense power of the Lightning Spell. Any other troops can be countered easily through the use of your available cards. The deck is balance in either air and ground troops. Due to this, you can easily switch from offense to defense or vice versa. 

Hog + Barbarians Deck Arena 4 & Above:

Hog Rider Barbarians Arrows Baby Dragon
Hog Rider Barbarians Arrows Baby Dragon
Minion Horde Lightning Tombstone Archers
Minion Horde Lightning Tombstone Archers

Card Roles:

Hog Rider. Your main star of the game. Just take it easy when dropping this guy either to wreck your opponent’s tower early or make his debut in a buzzer beater game. 

Archers. With a very cheap elixir cost, they can knock down any troops. Just drop them down near your tower for protection.

Barbarians. These bulky, yellow-haired buddies will help you reach your opponent’s tower in a few seconds. Make a team with any of your flying troops in your deck! Very handy in defense, too.

Tombstone. This building card can help you buy time if a Prince, Giant or even PEKKA is forcing to enter your lair. 

Baby Dragon. Your air splasher. Useful in times of support especially for Barbarians or your Hog Rider.

Minion Horde. Effective in either offense or defense. This horde can slaughter any tank troops ahead. Always be wary in counter cards to kill them, like Arrows or Fireball.

Arrows. Utilize this card against any low HP troops especially to the Minion Horde. Use it either in offense or defense.

Lightning Spell. Ultimate swarm stopper. By dropping this spell, you can effortlessly devastate the huts that your opponent brought! Can also be used in the offense, as well.

Battle Strategy:

Tombstone Barbarians Baby Dragon Archers
Minion Horde Arrows Hog Rider

In the first minute of the game, drop a Tombstone card, and wait until your opponent answers your move. Or you can also wait for your opponent’s first drop and then react accordingly. For offense(or also in defense), drop your Barbarians and pair it with a Baby Dragon. Even Arrows cannot bring them all down in an instant. 

If your opponent drops any killer type cards, PEKKA or Prince, simply drop your Tombstone in the lane wherein these troops’ attention will be snatched. Carefully drop your Archers in a distance and drop a Barbarian to kill it if needed. You can also drop a Minion Horde if you have already analyzed the cards your opponent brought. 

To stop any incoming troops, drop your Arrows timely. Hog Rider can be used anytime but make sure that he will not be countered. Make a team with your Barbs and Baby Dragon for full support. Once reach the tower, prepare your Lightning Spell to stop any swarm troops that will try to kill your Hog Rider. This spell can also be used to demolish huts or can severely damage towers or any other building cards. Repeat the steps on how to effectively drop your cards until the end of the game's second minute.

Once you wrecked a tower, keep on pressuring the opposite lane by dropping your troops in the middle of your opponent's base and also near the river. By this, you can cancel any troop combo that they can do to snatch a tower from your base. 

Deck Weakness:

This deck might not have a particular weakness. Each card supports the balance between the air and ground units available. You can equally defend and make a push if your troops are gathered perfectly. If faced an aggressive player, do not lose your focus while countering them. Make a plan before to turn your defense into an offensive move. Avoid dropping troops without a strategy to keep your composure throughout the game.

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Source: NeonBlackGaming

Utilizing a deck like this is fun and interesting to use. Each one can act as a support to one another, giving a larger chance to win a specific battle. Arena 4 might be a place where you will experience problems which regards to trophies. But if you play this deck properly, you can eventually push it to the top. Featured deck is from NeonBlackGaming


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