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Hog Princess Bait Cycle For Arena 8 and Above

Let these beasts reign as they go along in the current meta in the arena today.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on May 24, 2017.
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This set of cards is composed of the ever-popular Hog Rider Bait Cycle Deck in the game today. The deck is useful starting fArena 8 above.

Note: This deck is created based on the May 2017 Meta.


The deck is strong against Slow Push and Elite Barbarians decks. It can fairly deal with Swarm and Bait Decks, as well.

Hog Princess Bait Cycle:

Hog Rider Princess Knight Goblin Gang
hog_rider.png princess.png knight.png Goblin_Gang.png
Goblin Barrel Fireball Zap Inferno Tower
goblin_barrel.png fireball.png zap.png inferno_tower.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider - Your main unit for destruction. Support it with the Zap and the useful Goblins to make it even stronger.
  • Princess - Serves as the support of the team. The Princess’ distance and splash damage are important in almost all situations. Place it smartly depending on the battle’s situation.
  • Knight - The Knight will help you lure and tank deadly threats. You can use it against range units, Elite Barbarians, and towers, too.
  • Goblin Gang - Your support units in killing incoming troops or chipping in damage towards towers. Their damage is dangerous, especially if left ignored.
  • Goblin Barrel - Mainly for tearing down towers apart. It can also serve as your bait card to force the enemy to use their counterspells early.
  • Fireball - The Fireball will help you in all situations in the game. You can cast this spell against a bunch of incoming troops, towers or counter units.
  • Skeletons - Best used with the Hog Rider. Cast this spell to counter or halt the units who will attack your units/towers.
  • Inferno Tower - Mainly use to defend from bulky units such as the Lava Hound, Golem and the like. If times are tough, place supporting troops near it to prolong its use.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy of this deck is by successfully pushing the enemy to use their spells early. Cycle your cards to have the Hog Rider and the Goblins with or without the Princess. Once you learned the enemy’s deck, countering them will be easy as you mix your combos in making offensive strategies later on.


You can have the Hog Rider with the Goblin Barrel as a starting combo. Prepare the Zap Spell to counter potential counters. It is best to drop the Goblin Barrel in front or behind the enemy’s tower. Make sure to have a single tile gap to prevent them being killed by the Zap.

If you have the Goblin Gang and Goblin Barrel in your hands early, you can try to bait the enemy by throwing the Barrel first. Once you trigger the enemy to cast their spell, you can use the Hog Gob Gang combo afterwards. Prepare Zap in this situation, as well.

In some situations, you can play slow by placing the Princess beside the King Tower. You can also pressure the enemy to use their Arrows or Log to kill her swift. If you are in a counter-push case, you can use the Knight as the frontman as you push it forward with a Hog Rider behind. The Hog Rider’s movement speed will help the Knight move faster. Thus, providing extra pressure against the enemy.


Usually, you will need the Knight while fighting against ground troops. Its HP and DPS are important to support your Crown Towers. You can also deploy the Goblin Gang to provide additional distraction in certain circumstances.

Lure and kill bulky units mainly with the Inferno Tower. The Princess is in-charge in killing swarm troops. If in need, you can also use the Zap or Fireball in dealing with a bunch of troops.

Additional Tip:

We recommend you to study first the enemy’s cards early. Through this, you can drop the cards needed depending on the situation. Place the Princess behind your towers if it is frequently killed by The Log.


The deck is troubled against Spell Decks. Though it can deal with slow-push decks, you might find it difficult if the enemy tries to pressure you with their spells. If possible, try to make a pressure early to get the advantage you need later on. Use the Hog Rider and the Princess to outsmart the enemy.



Special thanks to CLASHwithSHANE for this deck and gameplay!


Playing this bait cycle deck might be a little frustrating at some point. But learning how to make an alternative move in different situations will help you master this set of cards.

Do not forget to upgrade the level of your cards to play fairly against high-level card users in higher arenas.

Good luck!

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Last modified: 25, 05, 2017

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