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Hog Miner Three Musketeers Synergy For Arena 10

Play that nasty Hog Miner once again but this time, with the Three Musketeers! Deck designed for players in the Hog Mountain.
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on April 11, 2017.
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Surprise your enemy with the combos you can create with this deck shared by Clash JB for players in the Hog Mountain!


Can deal with slow push decks, Hog Rider, bait and cycle decks.

Hog Miner Three Musketeers For Arena 10:

Hog Rider Miner Three Musketeers Bomber
hog_rider.png miner.png three_musketeers.png bomber.png
Minions Barbarians Zap Fireball
minions.png barbarians.png zap.png fireball.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider - Your tower smasher in this deck. Support it with your cards always.
  • Miner - Can help your Hog Rider to chip in extra damage to towers. Can also be used in knocking down Collectors.
  • Three Musketeers - You can use this card early or in the late game. Make this trio even stronger by teaming it up with the Barbarians. Play it wisely!
  • Bomber - Your deck's support in killing ground units, especially swarm troops.
  • Minions - Deploy this unit during defense. Can support your other units in killing ground/air units accordingly.
  • Zap - Use Zap in resetting the Sparky or the Inferno Dragon. You can also use this spell to wipe out/weaken horde of troops.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

With this deck, you can try two types of attack combos. First is the Barbarians with the Three Musketeers. The second one is by using the Hog Rider with the Miner duo.

The ideal strategy for this set of cards is by teaming up the Barbarians and the Three Musketeers into a split push. Perform support by deploying either the Miner or the Hog Rider in your chosen lane. Maintain pressure by choosing the right cards to deploy later on the game.


If you have the Barbarians and Three Musketeers cards, you can then proceed to our ideal strategy. Deploy the Barbarians behind the King Tower. Wait for your enemy’s answer and decide whether you will drop the Three Musketeers near the river (middle part of your base) or in front of your King tower. After you successfully split the teams, deploy the Miner in the lane where a single Musketeer is running. Through this, you will confuse the enemy on what lane should they defend first.

For some cheap tower attacks, you can also use the Hog Rider alone or with the Miner. Decide depending on your available cards and current situation.


Defend and kill ground units through the Bomber and Minions. Defeat bulky units by using the Barbarians. If you have enough elixir, you can also use the Three Musketeers. If possible, make a counter push out of your used cards.

Cast the Fireball and/or Zap to a bunch of troops to quickly wipe them out. The Miner is also a great pick if having troubles dealing with splashers behind a chunky unit.

Additional Tip:

Learn your enemy’s cards and its cycle. From there, you can form a strong team on offense and defense. Think first before using your elixir in certain situations.


The deck might face difficulty with decks with a lot of spells (e.g Fireball,Rocket), splashers. If faced this kind of decks, run a different strategy with the Hog Rider. Through this, you can force them to use their counters early. This will somehow free your bigger units later on the battle.


Special thanks to Clash JB for this deck!


This set of cards is a good mixture of Hog Rider and Slow Push decks. Maintaining pressure is easy but if played without concrete plans, you will face troubles in a snap. Practice this deck further to win those crowns to let you reach the Legendary and eventually, the Leagues.

Good luck, Chief!

Last modified: 11, 04, 2017

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