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Hog Rider and Freeze Spell perfectly work together. But how about adding a Cannon for defensive purposes? Here is a useful deck that you can try, Chief!


Through the use of the cannon and supporting troops for the Hog + Freeze duo, Sam L, the deck creator, stated that he reached Arena 5 in just half an hour using this deck! Go and give it a try, Chief!



This deck supports each other, making it a formidable deck if played wisely. Through the use of the legendary Hog + Freeze combo, your Cannon will be your main defense in your base. This will give your opponent's troops a hard time entering your side of the field. Zap is a very useful spell if your Freeze Spell did not cover all those counter troops to stop your Hog Rider. Barbarians and Musketeers will also be a good combo if paired with the Hog Rider. The Minion Horde & Spear Goblins will buy you time either in defense or offense. Overall, this is a great deck that can compete with any other set of cards out there.

Hog Freeze + Cannon Deck

Hog Rider Freeze Cannon Musketeer
hog_rider.png freeze.png cannon.png musketeer.png
Barbarians Cannon Minion Horde Spear Goblins
barbarians.png cannon.png minion_horde.png spear_goblins.png

Card Roles

Musketeer. Your number 1 long-range type card in this deck. Be sure to pair her with your Barbarians or Hog Rider as well. The Musketeer can deal high damage if partnered with any of these two, especially if there is a Freeze Spell present. 

Minion Horde. This card will kill any ground troops easily. Can also deal damage to Balloon or Dragon if the level is high enough. Beware of Arrows or Fireball.

Spear Goblins. In this deck, Spear Goblins will serve as your support in any kind of attacks.

Zap. Kill those troops using Zap! With a very cheap elixir cost, this card can knock down troops in a few seconds.

Freeze Spell. Your Hog’s best friend. Drop it if needed just like the explanation above.

Barbarians. In this deck, always pair the barbarians with supporting troops to go all the way and reach a tower to take down.

Cannon. Can serve as a distraction and/or damager. Cannons are very useful especially in defending your towers.

Hog. The main star of this deck. Play him like the way in the first deck explanation.

Battle Strategy

Once your Elixir reached its maximum capacity, wait until your opponent drop their own cards. If you are tired of waiting, then make the first move by dropping your Spear Goblins and wait until your opponent reacts. If a bunch of troops were dropped, prepare your Cannon and place it in the middle part of your base to buy time and think what combo should be executed to counter their move. If a Dragon or Balloon was dropped, wait for your crown towers to reach them for support then drop your Minion Horde to eliminate them.  In casting your Hog Rider, always wait for your Barbarians to successfully cross the river and delay a milisecond to drop your Spear Goblins, Musketeer or Minion Horde for support. Due to this, there is a chance to avoid a direct impact from your opponent’s Arrows or Fireball. If fortunate, you can now drop your Hog in the corner of the river let him reach the crown tower then drop the Freeze Spell if to stop any of your opponent’s troops. If needed, drop the Zap to diminish them.

Deck Weakness

Without any splash damage card on deck, there will be a chance to have a difficulty in wiping out some swarm troops like Barbarians and Skeleton Army. The Minion Horde and Spear Goblins can be killed by the Arrows and your Barbarians and Musketeer can be severely damaged by a Fireball. It is important to analyze the deck of your opponent to make a good timing in dropping your own cards. There will be situations wherein you will need to spread your troops while defending to avoid being devasted by a Rocket, Fireball and/or Arrows. Through the use of your Cannon, you can surely have an advantage but make sure to counter your enemy first and slowly make an unbeatable team in pushing a tower. Once you have knocked down a tower, all you need to do is defend your own crown towers to assure victory.

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Have you tried this deck already, Chief? Or did you make some tweaks for a better deck? Share your thoughts and experiences in our comment section below!

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Last modified: 6, 01, 2017


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