Defeat the elite players of Clash Royale using this Hog Beatdown deck!


We already created many decks featuring the Hog Rider, one of the most Clash Royale cards these days. This deck is almost no different as it focuses on Hog Rider. What's different is that we'll talk about how to use the Hog in the Legendary Arena or Arena 8, the arena of Clash Royale's elite players. You might be thinking that a simple deck can be underwhelmed in this Arena. Fret not since this Clash Royale deck is proven useful to get you many trophies.


This deck's strength is all about the Hog Rider's ability to easily damage towers significantly. If left alone, he can deal 60% of the tower's health. Most of the cards here are defensive cards so you can counter most decks using this deck. This beatdown deck is a slowly but surely win.

Hog Beatdown Deck:

Hog Rider Fireball Elixir Collector Goblins
Hog Rider Fireball Elixir Collector Goblins
Inferno Tower Minion Horde Zap Cannon
Inferno Tower Minion Horde Zap Cannon

Card Roles:

Average Elixirs: 3.8

Hog Rider - Main tank and only offensive unit for this deck. He attacks buildings and can easily destroy towers if left alone.

Elixir Collector - Having an elixir collector is a huge plus in a match. This gives you advantage when you drop this.

Inferno Tower and Cannon - Main defensive cards. This is to counter any type of push your enemy will try, especially if it is using tanks to push.

Zap - Great support spell card for hog rider. He helps the Hog Rider hit one more time before dying. Very great counter for minion horde.

Fireball - Another great spell card. Mostly used for countering mortar and barbarians.

Goblins - Distractions for the tanks. Can also help Hog Rider damage the tower more.

Minion Horde - Another defensive units. They counter most ground-only units. They can also be great offensively if they reach the tower.

Battle Strategy:

At the start of the game, make sure you reach until 10 elixirs. If you have the Hog and Goblins in your hand, drop them both near the bridge to give the opponent some pressure. If they manage to get passed beyond the bridge. Quickly do a Fireball at the tower.  A perfect scenario is that you will hit and kill most of his counter troops. Also, you would hit his tower several times, and you can even destroy it. If you did not manage to destroy his tower, at least you hit his tower real hard.

That is the main strategy of this deck, but that is not always the case. Most of the time you are going to defend in a match. If you have the Elixir Collector, always drop it first unless your opponent is trying to create a push. Use Inferno tower and cannon if he drops down a P.E.K.K.A or Golem. Make sure to drop the Hog Rider and Goblins on the other side to deal damage. This will also make your opponent split his strategy since they can destroy his tower if he left it alone. If they use arrows to counter your own push, use the Minion Horde to kill the opponent's tank.

The Fireball can also be used defensively when he puts down a huge push. You can kill everyone in one swoop. It is mostly effective against Barbarians, Musketeers, and Wizards. Zap is very useful for helping hogs to hit one more time, and also to stop the Princes' charges.

If you have not destroyed a tower when 60-second mark hits, make sure you have an elixir collector. It will give you a huge advantage in elixir. Quickly make a push with the same strategy, Hog Rider + Goblins then Fireball before they reach the tower. It is a sure win unless you get countered by the last minute and you get your own tower destroyed.


It is hard to get a 3-crown win using this deck unless you are very lucky on your push. If you fail to defend any tower of yours, it will be hard to win matches. Well, unless you are able to damage both towers significantly to get into overtime, you may be able to win by destroying both towers without getting your King's tower destroyed.

The lack of units in this deck can also be hard to make an alternative push because Minion Horde and Goblins can easily be countered. Fireball is too weak compared to a Rocket.

Related Deck Strategies:

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Hog Rider + Cannon Deck Strategy For Arena 4 and Above


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In Arena 4, Hog Rider can be a little bit overpowered. This is noticeable if you level him up to level 3 or level 4. He can do some serious damage. Cannon is also another great in the defensive side of things. He can counter most ground units.

This deck is quite an amazing deck. However, the timing and routine makes this deck quite hard to follow at first. If you manage to make it work, this might be the deck that will help you win trophies in Clash Royale, especially the Legendary Arena, where the elites are playing.

Do you have a similar deck? Let us know and tell us how you win games with it. Give us suggestions and tips, we would love to discuss it with you.


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