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Hog Bait Cycle Deck For Arena 11

Planning to access the higher League with a Hog Cycle Bait Deck? Fear not! Here's a deck formulated by CLASHwithSHANE for players over 4,000 trophies!
Written by: Approved and Originally Published by: on April 4, 2017.
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Hog Cycle Bait Decks are still a thing in higher arenas. If you are looking for a fast-phase gaming strategy, then this one is the best for you! Pressure and confuse your enemy with this bait cycle deck for players in Arena 11 above!


The strength of this deck relies on the Hog Rider and/or the Goblin Barrel. You can deal with slow push, bait, and aerial decks fairly. With the Skeletons, cycling your cards is faster. The Princess will also help you a lot in chipping-in damage against a tower or a horde of low HP units.

Hog Cycle Bait Deck For Arena 11:

Hog Rider Princess Skeleton Army Skeletons or Fireball
hog_rider.png princess.png skeleton_army.png skeletons.png
Minions Zap Goblin Barrel Inferno Tower
minions.png zap.png goblin_barrel.png inferno_tower.png

Card Roles:

  • Hog Rider - Your main tower destroyer. Support this unit with the Goblin Barrel and/or the Princess frequently.
  • Princess - The Princess will serve as this deck's main support. This is in terms of taking down a horde of troops (air and ground), and taking chipping in damage to the crown towers.
  • Skeleton Army - Used to eliminate chunky units in the battlefield. Can also be handy in distracting big threats like some splashers, Elite Barbarians and the like. Can also make a chip in damage to towers if left ignored.
  • Skeletons - The Skeletons can also serve as troop distraction. Effective against the Mini P.E.K.K.A, Electro Wizard, etc. You can also use this card to cycle the cards you need for a stronger push.
    • Recommended Alternative for Skeletons: Fireball - This recommended alternative card can help you big time in defeating bulky threats in the game. Use the Fireball to wipe out a bunch of troops, especially the Barbarians and the Three Musketeers. Can also weaken air troops like the Baby Dragon and Balloon. Can also help you win by casting it towards a dying tower.
  • Minions - Units to kill ground and aerial units mainly. Can also serve as the Hog Rider's supporting unit.
  • Zap - Use this spell in defeating a bunch of low HP units. Best against the Goblin Barrel and the Skarmy. Can also help you to force the enemy to retarget and/or reset them in a snap.
  • Goblin Barrel - Used to chip in major damage towards the enemy's tower. Support your Hog Rider with these effective Goblins. Might also help in defending your towers if in need.

Clash Royale Strategy:

Ideal Strategy:

The ideal strategy for this deck is to get a tower advantage by casting the Hog Rider with Goblin Barrel combo. Once you weakened the enemy’s tower, chipping in damage towards the opposite one will be easier. Cycle the cards you need as you defend and counter attack the enemy. This is to maintain the pressure up until the last minute of the battle.


Wait for your elixir to reach 9-10 before deploying the Hog Barrel mashup. If the Goblin Barrel is not available, you can try a cheap Hog Rider with the Skeletons combo. Through this, you can force the enemy to make a major move against your initial attack. Along with these two units, you can also deploy the Princess behind them. Wait for a second before deploying the Princess if you decide to make an extra chip in damage. Prepare the Zap to swiftly annihilate or weaken counter units around the Hog Rider.

In pressuring the enemy, you can also do a Goblin Barrel bait attack. If your Hog Rider is not yet available, you can try to throw the Barrel in front of the enemy’s crown tower (a tile away). Usually, players will think that you will attack their tower directly. If they Zapped your Goblins, more likely, they will only kill a single Goblin. The two others will do some damage to your targeted tower. Remember that this strategy only works once or twice. In your next Barrel deployment, trick your enemy by throwing it in different places.


Aside from a chip in attacker, the Princess will also serve as your deck’s support. If dealing with a bait or swarm deck, occasionally deploy the Princess behind the King Tower. From there, it can avoid The Log if there’s any.

In dealing with bulky troops, plant the Inferno Tower somewhere in the middle of your base. If swarm troops/splashers are behind a bulky troop (e.g Giant with Witch), you can use the Skeleton Army to kill the support first. Wait until the backup support locks its target before deploying your counter cards. The Minions can also help in this situation, as well. If possible, team up the Inferno Tower with the Princess. Through this, you can eliminate threats faster. In some cases, you can use the Skeletons to eliminate the range targets. Make sure to drop it around your target to avoid being killed in a single shot. This is highly possible if they are alone. If running with the Fireball, you can weaken a slow push strategy early. If the enemy drops a splasher near their King Tower, wait until it reaches their crown tower. Before it passes by, cast the Fireball for a positive elixir trade. You can use the Zap to kill a splasher after casting the Fireball.

Proceed to a quick counter push if possible after successfully defending your towers.


Note: Do the Fireball strategy if you know the cycle of the cards of your enemy. Prevent from using Fireballs if you are facing Three Musketeers or Barbarians. Make it exclusive for these two to increase the chances of your successful defense.

If having a hard time reaching a tower (through the Hog Rider), look for a way to distract the enemy. This can be done with the pressure you can give with your other cards. Deploy the Hog Rider, only if they exhausted their elixir already. You can do this move if the enemy is running a defensive building card in their hands.

Once you grabbed a tower, cycle your cards to defend your lair strongly.

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If you go to the initial set of cards featured, you will be in trouble of dealing with the Barbarians, E-Barbs or with the Three Musketeers. We recommend you to change the Skeletons into Fireball if having troubles with these bulky set of troops.


The deck starts at around 2:03:00 part of the video.

Special thanks to CLASHwithSHANE for this ladder deck!


In my opinion, this is a great deck for users pushing their luck in the Leagues. Though you might want to change some other cards in this deck, make sure to leave the Hog Rider and Goblin Barrel within.

This is a great deck for Hog Rider enthusiasts who are also used to in playing with some bait cycle cards.

Good luck!

Last modified: 5, 04, 2017

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